Friday, February 4, 2011

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us. ~Oscar Wilde

I've had this habit of buying calenders every year and filling them up. Im so glad I did because there are a lot of things I wouldn't have remembered. I already have trouble recalling what I did 2 weeks ago never mind what i did 2 yrs ago. This is a great way of keeping record and I want to share it with you guys in hopes that you will start doing so as well (if you don't already).

On each day I also write how Im feeling so its easy to keep track of my moods and my mood patterns. I notice my energy changes during the month and how they relate to the moon cycles as well. When you record these things down it gives you a chance to notice your patterns and energy levels so you can better work with it, not against it. For example, I know that I get irritable and have a hot temper 2 weeks before my period. So instead of doing reflective & inner work at this time and making myself even more frustrated I divert the excess energy into strenuous activity like cycling, or taking a aerobics class. I realized that I can also use this dynamic energy to work & burn thru difficult challenges.

Another great thing about keeping track and recording what I do each day is that if you ever need a specific date you can just go back and check. Say you're going thru your photos and forget what day it was taken. No problem. Or if you want to remember what day you met a specific person or when you and your man had your first date.

These are some of the calenders that I have gone thru in the past few yrs. The first one I started was in 2002. This is the perfect time to start especially since there are mad deals on calenders now. I just got mine for 2011. 75% off! Let me know how this works out for you =)


  1. I get calenders and agendas every year since... hmm, 10 years old? calenders, I typically throw them away once the year is over and agendas I keep for a couple years, when I do a massive clean up, I go through them to see how busy my life is and what was the difference between then and now. Busy days did pass and I miss those days... lol. I def. need it for college or I'll forget easily!

  2. That's a cool idea! Like keeping a daily journal. I've been trying to do that for years, and I was pretty good at it until recently where I haven't written in my journal for months :( This post reminds me that I should get back into it!

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  3. Wow, I'm impressed at how detailed you record your mood and energy level. I have never thought about doing that in my planner/calenders. It's usually so packed with work already I don't want to put more words on it. Maybe I'll start this year, fresh and new. :)

  4. i am loving your blog..indeed i find it very inspiring:)

  5. I do that too! I always record down everything in my calendar or calendar book and I flip back to just see what I've been up to. Just short little notes would jolt my memory. I dunno much about the energy and moon though. Maybe I could start to find a pattern.

    So many updates after a long hiatus. Me likey! Lots to read and enjoy. I hope that didn't take up too much of your time seeing how well crafted the words are. I reckon it took quite some time. I started my blog for my own but as time passes and more friends and readers come along, it sometimes feels like an obligation to do a good post for them. Of coz, it's also a way of collecting my memories but still, I feel I'm blogging for people more so than for myself. It's a good thing that whenever I post something, I feel like a part of me is in it and the feeling is great.

  6. I find the calender idea fantastic, it's definitely worth trying. I like to go back and read blog entries I had from 2004 and always find it interesting to see what point in life I was at the time.

  7. wow that soundss so cool to do, but very lazy lol,but i wish i can jot down everyday what i feel and track them by the end of the year. thanks for commenting btw on my post! the HK perfume is rather sweet smelling imo :) take care hun! xoxo

  8. hi cindee!! ohh oh the stylish blogger award.. you can find the info on my blog.. here is the link to the post.

    hope this helps :)!

  9. Thanks for your kind words~ I'm feeling better by the day but it's always the sudden reminiscences shake my recovery a bit. I'm getting there and like you said I shouldn't always see this breakup as a loss but as a learning experience.

    thanks for dropping by and come visit soon :)


  10. i agree - usually after the weekend and people ask "how was your weekend?" i'm like..." uhhh... i don't remember what happened?" old age? too much clutter in my brain? haha! But besides my public blog, i have a private blog which i write in everyday to write about my day, what happened, what frustrated me, what made me happy, what i want to do better, etc. :) It definitely helps and it's nice to look back.

    Btw - Yes, that was from Aberdeen mall.. haha! I love Daiso!!! It's so random the things you'll find in there!

  11. Your blog is so whimsical. Love it. You're also really pretty =)

    xx THE CHEAP

  12. Your calendars looks cute/nice, as for me instead of calendars I tend to buy the cute morning glory notebooks hahaha

  13. nice photos! I like all the colours
    xoxo from Rosy

  14. ahh I like the second picture! really feel like nuying myself a calendar as well
    shamefully I am a huge scatterbrain and will forget about writing on it within a week haha


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