Monday, December 13, 2010


Hi Lovers. My package has finally arrived from ClubCouture! What is ClubCouture? Its an online boutique based in Singapore (I know a few of my readers are from Singapore so def check it out) if not they ship to quite a few places in the world as well so don't fret. This online boutique was a real treasure. Their clothes are not only good to look at but delightful to wear as well. I chose a few pieces to add to my wardrobe...a butterfly printed romper which floatingly looks like a dress from a far, a pair of pleated high-waisted shorts that can be playfully belted with a ribbon, a sexy black sheer blouse, thigh high socks & cute flower earrings.

Here are a few looks I culled together:

♥ The Butterfly Romper ♥

Cropped leather jacket {H&M} woven scarf {Urban Oufitters }

♥ High-waisted shorts ♥

Fur vest {F21} Talula lace camisole {Aritzia}

♥ Sheer Blouse ♥

Talula lace cami {Aritzia} pants {Aritzia}

Being a designer and sewer I can tell that these garments are made well. Their pieces can easily be incorporated into your own wardrobe to reflect your personal style. Check out their website if you are curious. Im sure you'll find a few treasure as well. If you do, use the code: CCBLOG15 to get a 15% discount =)


  1. I can't wait to check out their website and see what I can add to my wishlist! Thank you for posting this Cindee and sharing photos of your outfits! :)

  2. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 you, Cindee~<3
    Everything about you is so romantic and classy~ Loves it! ^___^
    And the high waisted shorts are to die for~

    Miss. P

  3. hahah I <3<3<3<3<3 you too Miss P

  4. OOH!!! I'm so thrilled to see a post about ClubCouture from a non Singaporean residing far across the other end of the globe. I love love love how you paired CC clothes with your own apparel and created outfits that are uniquely you! I could never have given high waisted shorts such glory days as you did.

    I was recently sent lovely clothes by the lovely people at ClubCouture and I love the clothes to bits. Not sure if you saw my post on that though. There might be some collaboration with CC and me (fingers crossed that I'm able to commit) next year so look out for it!

    Re your comment:
    Thank you dear for your sweet sweet comment. I love the way you call me Miss JoJo. I can almost imagine your voice now since its sexiness made its way to your youtube channel. Don't blush. It's true! You know what? When I was editing the photos for the pony cake, 2 things came to my mind: My Little Pony and misscindee! LoLz isn't it strange? I think coz you've mentioned a few times about your love for unicorn on your blog. I'd initially wanted to write "unicorn cake" until I realised it doesn't have a horn.

  5. OMg the jumper is so cute i want one too. thx for entering my giveaway and for adding me to your blog roll. i will add u 2. so u from van city? we should sooo meet up and do some shoots together!

  6. Oooo all these items are so pretty! I love how you paired that jumper with the scarf and leather jacket.

    I would love to have my blog on your link list! I'll add you to mine too :) Are you originally from Vancouver?

  7. I love those outfits that you putted together! Especially I love those shorts! You are also very pretty! I hope we can become good friends! =)

  8. Hi Mina, I lived in Van for a few yrs. Right now I'm temporarily back in Calgary but working towards coming back to Van in a year =) I would then love to do shoots together. that sounds like so much fun

  9. Miss Jo jo, what kind of collaboration is this? oooh i am excited for you, pls do tell. or is it a secret? =P hahaha oh my, you remembered i love unicorns? i really want someone to make me that My little Pony cake and add a horn to it =D

  10. I have half the mind to call you "cincin". LoLz. Oh I think I would wait till next year when everything is confirmed before revealing. *winks*

    Re your comment:
    I've updated my blog post with depotting my urban decay!

    As in my comment to citrella, eyeshadow colours would slide off my oily lids especially in our humid weather but this primer potion makes the shadow stay put till night. I used it more to let my eyeliner stay put till night since I don't do shadows on daily basis. I find it quite good but then I don't have others to compare with since I've only tried this primer so far.

    Yes, the holiday season is here! Time to get creative and try out all the different party looks! OH, you could never ever lose your enthusiasm for life! The cindee I know from reading your blog will find every little bit of spark in life and you're always so creative and inspired to make things around you work. But I can understand how it feels to be in a small city. Will you move back to Van soon?

    And thanx for following! Will definitely follow you back when I figure out why my follower setting is wonky.

  11. Umm hello, LOVE your style :) Thanks for commenting on my blog...I'd love to exchange links! Shorts...I need those shorts!

  12. You're so skinny and cute! Love the outfits =)

  13. Love the fur vest!!

    Great blog dear:) Stop by sometime!!

  14. how long did it take you to receive your pkg? i ordered something 4 weeks ago and still havent received mine yet! :(

  15. I LOVE the romper. But I was wondering, is it true to size? I'm just scared to order a size and it doesn't fit. I'm usually a Small, or size 4 (in h&m) Thank you! :)

  16. the sizing fit pretty well. i dont think you'll have any troubles. mine packages took about 4 wks. I cant remember


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