Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The solitary candle cast a warm glow as it sat in the middle of the cake. The flame flickered and danced in her eyes - full of promise and fulfillment once it was blown out. She formed a wish in her mind. She felt it in her heart. Smiled and with one gentle blow the flame vanished & in its place, smoke swirled. Her wish was sent into the Universe. This will be the year. Happy Birthday to all my fellow Sagittarians.

♥ My B*day last year ♥

I didnt get a chance to post up my b*day pics from last year so here it is. I wanted to do a posh little soiree with my girlfriends. Jenni did an amazing job planning and putting it all together. I love theme parties =)

♥ My B*day this year ♥

I didnt do a crazy celebration. It was a pretty tamed night. I decided to do an Arabian theme so we went to a shisha bar. Have you guys ever been before? Its quite fun but I dont think I'll be going again anytime soon. I found out that its horrible for your health.
Even worse than smoking a cigarette.

photo credit {eaglella}

♥ What was one of the most special gifts u've gotten on ur birthday? ♥


  1. Just found your blog and it is too cute!

    Hope you had a great bday! These pictures are fabulous, looks like you had an amazing time :)


  2. Talk about beautiful,thoughtful friends! Everything looks gorgeous! Loving the idea of a themed party !

  3. Happy Belated Birthday misscindee. You've such nice curves and you look great! May your dreams come true.

  4. Awww I love that scrapbook of you and your friends! That is so sweet. I'm surprised about the shisha, I thought it was healthier b/c you're not inhaling the smoke, just the vapor similar to uhh a bong haha

    haha my roomie actually loves Calgary for its small town vibe! Guess diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks as they say. Hope you're able to come back to Van soon :)

  5. hello gorgeous! happy belated birthday<3 it looks like you had a great time with great company. i haven't been updating my blog (in months really..eep) but I've been busy with life! i'm glad i stopped by your blog tho, right around your birthday :)

    have a healthy and joyous end of the year!<3

  6. Beautiful pictures! Love the party and gifts your frenz put together for you. Looks like you had a blast last year and quiet affairs are just as great coz you learn to cherish your close frenz a lot more. Aren't you such a lucky gal to have such great frenz? Happy belated birthday to you dear! May all your wishes come through as they drift somewhere in the universe waiting to be fulfilled.

    Shisha gave me sore throat but I felt it's one of those stuff that you must try just for the sake of knowing how it's like. And I can't think of any one special gift coz each of them means something to me.

    It's so lovely to see you blogging more frequently these few days. Been missing your posts so much! =D

    I finally got my follower setting working! I think I'm quite a noob.

  7. First, happy belated birthday cindee!

    and wow i love the scrapbook that your friends made for you. i never tried shisha; actually, hell i haven't even been out to the club for the whole year in vancouver!

    and yes lets exchange links :)

  8. You are gorgeous Cindee!
    Happy belated birthday!

  9. You girls look beautiful! My most special birthday was this years when my Boyfriend and best friend threw me a surprise party which was themed "Hollywood" so we all dressed up as famous people and they even set up a red carpet. The best was the giant pan of homemade poutine. MMM.

  10. I totally love your last year b-day and for this year's! ^___^

    By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETHEART! <3<3<3<3<3

    And hookah~ I like that<3

    Looks like you had fun! <3 ^____^

    Hm, the coolest gift I ever got was my Barbie electric car when I was like......4? I thought I was the coolest kid on my block with my Barbie shades to go with it, haha!

    Miss. P

  11. Such nice friends you have!!! So cute!! Nice blog as well... hehe ^_^

  12. thx for all the bday wishes =) and yes i am so blessed to have such amazing friends. id have to say tho i have some pretty amazing readers as well =) love all the comments you guys leave.

  13. Happy Birthday!!! looks like you had a blast with your girls! that reminds me of my college days ^_^

    Merry Xmas!

  14. hey girl,

    Yaaah, I was born and bred in Vancouver my whole lifeee! haha. How about you? I wish I can live somewhere else hot and sunny because I cannot stand the cold weather.

  15. !♥♥ hhhaaappppppyyy belated cindee! ♥♥
    i am glad to see you have such sweet friends to celebrate your bday with!

  16. happy belated birthday!

    love your blog! i think you're absolutely gorgeous. i've tagged you with the stylish blogger award!!

  17. such wonderful b*day wishes. my heart is glowing. thank you oxo


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