Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Presenting...Cindee's Guide to Life

I present to you my Guide to Life. It is the first out of 3 series' I plan to add to my very empty Youtube channel. The other 2 will be my Guide to Style & Beauty and my Guide to Fitness & Health. If you have any special requests, definitely send me a msg. I hope that the things I have learned so far in this lifetime can inspire you, motivate you or simply entertain you =)

I also want to give a big shout out to Tiffany from tifanani who put together my cute intro. She's one of the most talented and creative ppl I know ♥x♥

Spin, spin, spinning around in her pretty lace dress makes her feel like she's 5 yrs old again. She asks herself, what has really changed since then? There are obvious answers to that question but somedays she feels like nothing has changed at all. Dizzy and tired from the spinning, she flops down on her bedroom floor and stares up at the ceiling. Immersed in thought, she does not notice how quickly her heart is beating. It tries to get her attention, for every beat it beats to remind her that she is alive in this world & that's reason enough to keep going without all her questions answered.


  1. I totally love your channel! Keep updating! and you have the most sexiest voice<3 I think I just turned bi-sexual~~~

    Miss. P

  2. You have the coolist blog! Check out my blog, comment, follow ;) www.msmadeulook.blogspot.com

  3. aww you're too cute =) i love the part where you didnt know what to say lol you seemed a little bit nervous at times! you seem so likeable =) good luck on your channel! i subscribed ;) && i LOVE that paragraph on the bottom its so cute and well written! <33 stay pretty!

  4. Hey dear! Happy to see that you'll be starting a channel on your guide to life. I wished I could ask you for a guide to your creative juices and inspirations but that's impossible. Anyway, I really love the startng illustrstions of the video and you've got a sexy voice! Oops, I hope that didn't come out the wrong way. Cya around!

  5. Loving you blog!! Love that first image! :))


  6. Oooh.. Youtube channel! I have to admit the intro is really cool.
    And somehow I expected you to be different in real haha.. you seem so loveable, and I just erm... imagined you just.. different.
    Like Mztoots already noted, you seem not 100% yourself yet. You are probably more animated when u talk in real life, right?

  7. I love this new idea of a guide to life, beauty and health series on youtube. It would be cool to add in love and relationships too! :) I love your creativity. Just wondering what inspires you everyday and what are some of your favorite things? Such as books, movies, quotes, activities? What makes you feel confident?

    thanks cindee! :)

  8. Cindy speaks! :)

    Hard to hear you sometimes, maybe turn up the voice a little if u can edit the video?

    Goodluck hun!!

    LOVE the intro by Tiff, she is talented!

  9. hahaha 'uhm, what was i going to say' and i agree with white rabbit's time! you have an amazing voice (:


  10. That's awesome that you've decided to start up on the youtube band wagon :) can't wait to watch your videos!
    Oh I tried to watch your video but the volume is way too low :( I couldn't even hear one word and my volume was up to the max. I'm not sure if it's just my computer?

  11. hahah I agree with the first commenter, your voice is shockingly sexy! Like an Asian Marilyn Monroe :)

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  12. haha oh boy i do sound pretty quiet. I did edit it to the highest volume setting. I guess i just have to try talking louder =P Thx for the comments guys

  13. ive never considered my voice to be a sexy one. lol* that's definitely a first =P

    Sylv, How come you got a new account? Needed a fresh start? I've done that many times before =P thx for your comments & your suggestions. I would love to talk about love and romance but honestly i've been a commitment phobic man for so long that i dont think i am in a position to give any advice on it LOL*

  14. haha thanks Miss P. where have you been? I havent heard from you in so long!! Id def be bi with you any day =P i can whisper sweet nothings in your ear if u promise to always love me LOL*

  15. hi mztootzie roll. thx for the subscription and your lovely comment. haha ya, its weird talking to a camera but not as weird as watching yourself after. im glad you like it tho.

  16. Miss JoJo, Im sure you've got tons of creative juices waiting to be squeeezed out of you like a delicious orange lol* its evident in your blog, silly. as for my voice...hahaha sexy? *blush*...i dont know about that!

    Ingman: You're kidding right?? LOL* what do you mean you thought Id be different? I am unexpectedly lovable so does that mean you initially thought the opposite? oh geeze =P Now you have to explain yourself on that one. haha but yes i agree i still have a lot of practicing to do =D

  17. You really have a charming voice, I have to say. Very interesting way to speak, I think that may draw a lot of attention with guys ;)


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