Monday, May 17, 2010

Links of the Week

I havent posted links for a while so here you go guys

Fear vs Love. An article written by Amy Fabulous and I think its definitely a good read.Check out some of her other posts as well.
♡ i love Becks' hippie inspired look
Wanting what you can't have
Dramatis Personae has a 4 part series on Developing your wardrobe palette
♡ feel like daydreaming? these are such lovely photographs
♡ experiencing wanderlust? check out these city guides at Design Sponge


  1. ive been missing these posts, they keep me pre-occupied <3

  2. Hi Miss Cindee!

    OMG That illustration is SO cute! ADORABLE!!! :D

    Thanks for sharing these links, I'm sure they're great. It must be where you get all your amazing inspiration from! :)

    I hope you've been doing well and enjoying spring! :D

  3. That photo at the top is so pretty! And thanks for hitting me off in the direction of Amy's site!

  4. You always post the most interesting and inspiring links. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing my wardrobe palette series! I hope someone finds them useful.

  6. You're always a whizz at sniffing out these great websites and photos. Thank you so much for sharing! It gives me more stuff to add in my "favourites" folder. Your sister's bridal shower looks amazing! I love how the stuff are all DIY, up till the details of the straws. Falling in love with the bridal shower theme.

  7. Well that kept me occupied for a while! :) Love the picture in the post too - a bunnie for me, a unicorn for you!


  8. haha thx girls. im glad you enjoy them and it keeps u work??? lol* ;P


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