Friday, May 14, 2010

My sister's bridal shower

Hi guys. Sorry for the lack of updates. My sister is getting married in Aug so there have been many wedding planning events going on. First of them is her bridal shower. She wanted to do a "Spring in the Hamptons" theme so it was a lot of fun putting everything togther. the decor...the food..the outfits.

The tissue paper pom poms were so much fun to make. If you want to learn how to DIY click here. I think it would be pretty cool to make them out of newspapers too for an interesting effect

I thought it would be cool to incorporate eggs into the spring decor. But instead of having them sit there and just look pretty I turned them into jello molds. My mom used to make these for me and my sister when we were kids. Here's how:

DIY Egg Jello

♥ Gently tap the top of an egg on a hard surface. Make a hole big enough so you can shake out the yoke
♥ When you get the yoke out rinse it out with water and let dry
♥ You want the jello to be more firm so use less water to make it and add gelatin
♥ Set the jello in the fridge like you normally would
♥ Now for the fun part. when its all ready crack the egg open like you would do with a hard boiled egg
♥ Peel the shell off and enjoy the jello =)

DIY 'Cup'cakes

♥ For these cupcakes I used espresso cups but you dont have to limit yourself to these. You can use little teacups, your favorite mug or anything that tickles your fancy. Just make sure that it is oven safe
♥ Choose your favorite cupcake recipe and mix it up. The cupcakes I made were chocolate devil's food cake with cherry filling, almond flavoring and some chocolate chip cookies. If you guys are interested in this recipe let me know. I will post it
♥ I ended up a little short of the mix so i filled the cups about 2/3 but you want to fill it up at least to 3/4 full
♥ Bake as per your recipe instructions. While it's baking, make the icing and add your desired color of food coloring. For our I decided on baby blue and baby yellow
♥ After they are finished baking let it cool and ice it. Sprinkle with coconut shavings

DIY Butterfly straws

♥ I thought this would be a cute accent to go with our spring theme. I went to Micheals and picked up some scrap booking paper. You can even find a selection of choices at the loonie store
♥ Start out with a main stencil you'll use to trace the other ones. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw one side of the butterfly. Use this as your stencil to trace the other butterflies on your patterened paper. It easier to cut them out on the fold. It saves you time.

♥ After you cut them out cut into the fold 2 horizontal slits about hald an inch. When you open them up this is where you will slip in the straws

♥ love you dodo ♥


  1. The pictures make it look incredible - it looked like you had so much fun!

    I hope your sister has a great wedding!

  2. That looks like soo much fun... def my idea of a bridal shower too. The egg jello thing is a great idea too!

  3. I have to agree with Rachel, that the pictures are incredible.
    It has the feel of a dream wedding.

  4. Very cute party/theme! You all look beautiful!! I love how creative you got with everything. I really need to channel some of that creativity for my next party.

    Thanks for the link to those pom poms! I was already ready to ask how you go those :P

  5. hi! your pictures look beautiful! what kind of camera do you have?

  6. Wow, the bridal shower looked fantastic Cindee, and you girls looked like you had a lot of fun. It must be exciting that your sister is getting married, my younger sister is getting married in december of this year too. I got teary the first time she tried on a wedding dress, cos I was so happy. :)

  7. Hi Cindee,

    I've actually been following your blog from some time.. back when I still had Xanga, and you commented on my posts a few times. But I've since shut it down! I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog, and as a passionate person myself, I find inspiration in your posts.. so thank you! Also, your sister is very lucky to have a great sis like you to put those things together! I love doing things for people I care about too! Look forward to reading more from you! ~ Lillian :)

  8. Kudos on this post!! i was wondering what those yellow things were in the fb album. :) u should submit your fav photo from here to they love DIY

  9. You are SO creative. I love it! I'm going to smuggle you over when I have a party to plan!!!


  10. It was a lot of fun to put together. thx guys for your lovely comments. i think i want to have themed parties more often. any ideas on what i should do next? =)

  11. Ligia, that is so cute. Did she decide on a dress yet? =) I honestly dont know what im going to do when the day comes. Im a sucker for weddings already. I dont know how Im going to hold back my tears for hers.

  12. Hi Lillian,

    I hope you come back and read this response bcos I dont know how else to contact you. I appreciate the words and great energy you shared with me =)

    My xanga page was such a long time ago. I am pleasantly surprised and delighted that you still follow my blog. Why did you decide to stop yours?

    Well dont be a stranger bcos i love connecting and re-connecting with passionate ppl ;P

  13. aw thx Roz. You are always so resourceful. i appreciate that about you =)

  14. hello dear, first visit here. u have a lovely blog! love this post so much. and the tissue pom poms are just too cute to be true :D

  15. awww what an amazing sister!! this looks so fun and classy :)

  16. Wow the party looks amazing and those egg jello molds are such a cool idea!


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