Wednesday, May 26, 2010

every morning something surprises me

this morning i woke up from heart shaped lullabies and i thought to myself, today i will write. today is a good day to write. i will write about my dreams as i swim around in my soft cotton sheets. not yet fully awake. mornings are my favorite time of day bcos dreams and reality exists as one. everything is quiet. i can count my soft heartbeats.

i was prepared to describe my dream but im slightly amused by the fact that i seem to have forgotten. faded like Polaroids in reverse. Why is it that the more you try to remember, the harder it is. Reminds me of how I used to live life. Lesson #129: Sometimes you just got to let go

what are your first thoughts when you awake?
what is the last thing you think about when you go to sleep?

My favorite things to wake up to:

♥ the smell of coffee
♥ sunshine peeking thru the blinds
♥ the sound of waves, if im on vacation
♥ a whole bed to myself hehe. but sometimes its nice to share it
♥ kisses. but then again im usually the one who wakes up first
♥ breakfast in bed
♥ little birds chirping
♥ a tidy room

My LEAST favorite things to wake up to:

♥ a hangover
♥ the sound of zippers. Then you know you're in a tent camping
♥ the realization that you fell asleep with your contacts on
♥ crows cawwing. damn things are so loud
♥ snoring
♥ alarm clocks. im lucky i have an internal one


  1. great lists.
    falling asleep with contacts are no fun, but i got new ones that i can actually sleep with! haha so no worries.

  2. I wish I was as optimistic about mornings as much as you are. The first thing I think about is wanting to sleep for a couple minutes longer. The last thing I think of before falling asleep are thousands of things... I love lying in bed at night and just thinking and daydreaming. That's my favorite time of day.

    My favorite thing to wake up to are weekend where I can sleep in.

  3. Awesome list Cindee!
    Your bunny slippers are too cute!

    My first thoughts when I wake up is deciding what to wear and what kind of makeup look to put on. Sometimes I try to make myself go back to sleep for five more minutes, but once I wake up, I am up and cannot go back to sleep.

    I always think about what is going to happen tomorrow before I go to sleep, what plans I have, what I need to get done.. etc..

    My favorite thing to wake up to is music. Bad thing is (depending on the song), the first song you hear in the morning is the song that is going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day lol.

  4. Love the new photos, you're so artsy!!

    I totally agree about the zippers~ i was just camping and it's such a sharp, uncomfortable sound!

    Keep up the great bloggin' girl! thx u for linking my blog, can you plz update it to my blogger page? it's redirected from

    thx much love hun :)

  5. i love your posts so much!
    so artistic and differeee<3

    anywayss; first thought is usually "mmm sunshine, " unless its rainy than i think whats on my schedule for the day (so i can dress accordingly haaha

    last thought it reflect on the day or just think about tmw haha.


  6. Neat post Cindee :)
    Hmmm if I woke up from a dream (and I dream a lot) I usually think about it for a few minutes to try to recall it a bit better or make a bit of sense out of it.
    I love waking up to sunshine! And I love to sleep in so I really don't like the sound of an alarm. I don't like having to adhere to schedules esp in the morning time :\
    I've been depending on coffee to get me up the past 3 weeks or so. I get made fun of for liking Instant coffee but if you like instant coffee, have you tried the Nescafe hazelnut instant coffee? It's the only one I've been drinking ;)
    Haha I'm usually the one that wakes up last so I rarely wake up because of someone snoring - except when I have to bum with my older sister which luckily rarely happens. She snores SOOO loud it's ridiculous! LOL
    It's nice to have the bed to myself sometimes too. I hog up the whole bed and I have a queen sized bed LOL. But you're right - it's nice to share the bed sometimes with a special someone. Cuddling is nice ;)

  7. haha I think just like Chanbodia, I'm always thinking about what to wear the next day and then what I have to do that day so it takes me forever to fall asleep. The best thing to wake up to is when you roll over and see the sleeping face of that special someone - that always puts a smile on my face :)


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