Thursday, April 15, 2010



  1. I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I know I'm commenting on a different blog entry, but I absolutely love what you did to that dress! You are so talented! Do you go to fashion school by any chance?

  2. Cute! I agree though - smiling is a good start & really does help and brings things together. I especially do that when I'm clubbing - I try to make sure I'm always smiling, dancing and having a good become much more approachable and it goes from there. I mean, I know I shouldn't only be smiling in clubs, but like it might be a bit more strange at work per say if it's a more formal setting LOL. Oh you get what I mean right? ;)

  3. that dress you made is soooo gorgeous !
    you're such a talented person cindy :)
    and thanks so much more motivating me with your words about dreams, wishes, etc.. i do kinda agree that maybe dreams dont have to reachable at all at times.. the bigger the better i guess :)

    thanks for the enlightenment :)

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