Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Essence of a Dress. Meet Maia

meow meow. This is the first entry for my ESSENCE OF A DRESS series. Being a creative person I've come to realize how important the progress of a project is. So I want to take you along with see how I breathe life into the dresses that I create. The ideas, inspirations, sweat, tears and sometimes blood(all the needle pokes grr) that goes into the making of a dress gives it it's essence. That's why I decided to name my dresses.

So with that being said...pls meet Maia. Maia is the Greek Goddess of Spring. When I think Spring I think of blossoms. I think of fresh air, fresh starts and unexpected endings.

dress, flower, blossoms

This is the inspiration board of images I culled to give myself a better idea of what I wanted to create. Inspiration can come in many different forms. It can come from the lyrics of a song, the smell of french perfume, from nature, architecture, people...anything and everything.

♥ My Creation ♥

I wanted to create Maia for a wedding I was attending so I was first inspired by how I felt. I felt light, happy and slightly dreamy so from that I projected it externally into something more tangible. I chose soft milky colors for Maia...lilac, pink and white. And since Maia is a Goddess I designed something that had an empire waist. For a feminine touch I created the neckline to resemble the delicate curve of a flower petal to follow the curve of a woman's breast.

Spring represents fresh changes and new perspectives but in order for something new to begin we almost always need to leave something behind. I wanted to incorporate this belief into the back design of the dress. I think this detail is very unexpected but it gives a bit of playfulness to Maia's character. Vertical lines also create length as well as feminine curves.


  1. You look beautiful and have such nice curves! <3 The dress suits you perfectly.

  2. Hello sexy!

    Your dress is very special, I like it a lot!

  3. ohhhhh my god you are so talented it's almost ridiculous! why aren't you clothing designer/maker?! the curves hug all the right places and the delicate colors are so beautiful :)

    maia + cindee = gorgeous<3


  4. luv you guys for the sweet words. and jimin i AM a clothing designer =P hehe just havent figured out how to capitalize on it yet or what my next step is. LA, NYC? LA? NYC? lol* everything in good timing

  5. So pretty!! I love your pictures, there's sunshine and beautiful girls! If and when you do open a store or etc., I hope to own a piece of your clothing. =)


  6. Omg that dress is gorgeous and you are gorgeous in it!! I love the retro neckline and the flower detail. Your inspiration board is killer too.

    haha no way you're going to a wedding in May too? Guess it is wedding season! First Canucks playoff game was tonight so as you know the city was riveted to their TVs!

  7. Hey Cindee,

    Maia is amazing! Soo pretty and I’m loving the lilac detail on the back. I’ve been searching everywhere for a dress like that. You are truly talented.

    Oh yes, the weather really sucked last week, but hey at least it is nicer! It’s supposed to be 20 degrees this weekend, looking forward to it. I bet prince’s island would be lovely =)

    Have a great weekend Cindee! Soak up some sun =)

  8. No way Hun! Did you make that dress from scratch (cloths of fabric to start)?? It looks really good! And you look beautiful in the pictures :) I love the choice of colours and the lilac lines going down the back of the dress as well. Ooooo and the shoes you have on are sooo pretty!
    You're so talented. It must take a lot of patience too I bet ;) I'm lazy - I buy stuff off the rack and hopes that nobody else around me is wearing it LOL.
    And the sunset picture is gorgeous! So serene.
    Oh and I use to be exactly how you described it - sometimes I wouldn't look happy at all in clubs/other places and I didn't even notice until a few people asked why I wasn't smiling or why I wasn't having a good time. That put me off even more because I'm like, "what?! Do I look unhappy?" And then I would even looked pissed they would ask haha. So I just started to make more of an effort to smile after and it works with you. I feel better, more people say hi and then I smile even more :) But I know what you mean Hun - ugh, there are so many loser guys at clubs that end up making you have this guard up. I even have a guard up walking around. It's sad but if someone tries to talk to me I just assume they either want to pick up or want my money so I automatically ignore them and don't make eye contact. Happens a lot in bigger cities I find :\

  9. hey cuty :D

    thank you for your comment!
    unfortunalty i can not see your piuctures :(

    hey and if you want to you can participate on my bloggerparade :D
    show me your room :D
    i think your room is pretty girly girl :D

    ( )

    love, alice

  10. hey thanks for your comment!
    i can't seem to see the pictures :[ and i really want to! tell me how :) @

  11. beautiful dress : )

  12. Hi hun! This dress is gorgeous and it looks GREAT on! HOT CURVES!

    I'm so jealous! I wish I had that kind of talent!


  13. You look gorgeous! Your body is so curvy and perfect~ What's your secret? ^___^

    Miss. P

  14. Hey it's us! I'm famous! Haha. That was a great trip Pindu.. Can't wait till Mexico. More memories :D

  15. that dress is so beautiful! how did you make it??

  16. beautiful dress you made<3

    i love how you made the front part & flower; what school did you go to for fashion??

  17. OMG... That dress is amazing!! I would soooo buy that if I saw it in the stores. I envy your ability & creativity! :]

    You better let me know if you ever start a line. I'd definitely support <3


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