Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 cents a wish

I used to wish for wishes like getting an awesome job, to lose weight, to move to a different city...etc but now I realize that those aren't wishes as much as they are goals. I would write a list of wishes in each area of my life (lifestyle, relationships, family, career, health, career...) and a year or 2 later id stumble upon them and realized that those wishes had come true. well most of them anyways. lol* or to a certain extent. i guess what im trying to say is that we can usually make most of our wishes come true simply by acting upon them.

I remember I used to have an unending list of wishes but I've noticed that it has gotten shorter each year. I look around me and can't help but feel gratitude for the things i already have. Regardless, I still do have a wish list.

The easier stuff
I wish... find thigh high boots that fit perfectly. They always seem to bunch or sag by the ankles or behind the knee melt away the last little bit of baby fat I still have
...i could blog more often respect my body more and not fill it with unhealthy substances
...complain less less judgmental

the not-so-easy stuff
i wish...

...look upon a sky filled with stars every night live in a house on a beach so i can hear the waves every night before i fall asleep live in NYC for a little white have my own boutique where i can sell my designs along side others
...see the world. Next desired stops would be Paris, Milan, Japan, Australia more consistent in my moods
...going on a shopping spree
...i had a glowing, flawless complexion without the use of makeup be in a music video finished re-decorating my room. need $ for that =(
...i had more energy
...learn to love ppl unconditionally get rid of my debt

the hard hard stuff
i wish... have a plentiful, abundant bank account that would never be depleted have a pet unicorn eat anything and as much as i want without unhealthy effects be 3 inches taller be rid of all my resentment see my mom again was summer. grr it snowed last night have ppl stop mistreating the earth save all the animals in the world turn into a black panther for a day

What do you wish for?


  1. I wish:
    -there were hardly any sorrow in the world.
    -the polar bears had a better home (I drive Hybrid^__^).
    -there was no hate.
    -I were 5 inches an inch would do.
    -I could be content.
    -I could get all thoughts out of my head! I need to stop thinking so much.
    -I could stop "wishing" for things....sigh~

  2. You know what babe, I used to think the same way about wishes and now that I'm older and "wiser" (lol), I realise that I've achieved so many of those wishes. And like yours, my list gets shorter each year. :)
    When I read your wish about seeing your mum again, my heart skipped a beat and I felt sad for you, not pity just sadness because I can't bear the thought of never being able to see my mum again. Big *HUGS*
    Here are some of my wishes to share with you:
    - to live by the beach;
    - to worry less and be more optimistic;
    - for there to be less racism, prejudice, hate, ignorance (you get the idea) in the world; and
    - for my parents and sister to finally accept my boyfriend, so that he can come over for family dinners and gatherings.

  3. love all the pictures you post
    and hope all of your wishes come true :)
    hmm currently i only wish that my project is going well
    and wish all people i love will always live well and happy


  4. Why one earth do you want to be a black panther for a day?!?

    But I reckon it would be pretty cool to be such a sleek and powerful animal like that...

  5. Hey Love! I wish for superficial things, realistic things, things to better myself and others. But you're right, as I get older, there are fewer and fewer materialistic things I wish for. Probably because I work and now buy my own stuff/what I want haha ;) But nowadays I just try to live life in the moment. I'm not going to let myself get caught up too much in the work/sleep/work routine. It was only until I saw someone young/intelligent with a whole life ahead of them pass away from a heart attack in front of me that I realized life really is too short. Sometimes that's what it takes so I don't assume I'll live til 90 and have 65 more years to do what I want. I really try to be easy going and as stress free as possible ;)
    Awww Hun, I wish you could see your Mom again too.
    I share a lot of your other wishes too. I'd love to travel the world (first class of course haha), eat whatever the heck I want and not get a heart attack/diabetes/other health problems, party everyday and not get tired/broke, shop whatever I want and have amazing style...etc. Seems crazy I know!
    Skittles are good aren't they?! I love Jolly Ranchers too but they're more difficult to find nowadays...
    Yes I did wear the red MK bag already. I actually was wearing it two nights ago in the pictures at Brant House on my blog but it's tucked under my other arm that's hiding in the picture ;) Whenever I get something new I always find a reason to use/wear it right away!

  6. i like your blog, dear :)
    there are so many things i wish for. probably too much to put into a comment right now haha. but it's okay - i'm one of those foolish people that wish at 11:11 regardless :)

  7. Good set of wishes! I wish I was doing my dream job and making a fortune being a writer. I wish I could travel the world. I wish to be financially independent so that I would never have to worry about money, and I wish that people were less selfish and think more about others.

    Van is good! It's sunny, but chilly here. Van Fashion week was this past weekend, but I only get so-so excited for that. You should come visit!

    Do you have what it takes to make anything sexy? Enter the Sweatpant Sexy Challenge to find out & you could win some massive prizes!

  8. yesshh ure bokeh tutorial totally made sense to me :D thanks !

    as for my wishes.. well i got alot (some are quite similar to yours !)
    for the realistic ones.. i wish i could be a young entrepreneur with a quite successful running business before i turn 21.. i also wish my boyfriend is more patient and less tantrum-atic.. haha

    as for the hard wishes.. i think i have quite alot.. like eating junk with no unhealthy effects (like you!), unlimited amount of money for me to buy birkins in all sorts of colors everyday (haha.. you wish michelle..) and many more i guess..

    i think its better for me to wish something that's quite realistic rather than wish something too far, or i might end up too disappointed if i dont get the wish :)

    MICHELLE || <a href=">Glisters and Blisters</a>

  9. So many of the things you wished for are identical to mine! :) I love the one aboot turning into a black panther for a day xx

  10. Dear Miss Cindee,

    I ♥ you! Uo, is it too early in this blog relationship to say the L word? Haha. Your comments always make my day! They are filled with such sincerity!

    Did you use to live in LA?? Where are you living now? What caused the move?

    As usual, another post worth reading! Many of your entries require your readers to not just look at pictures but think about the content. Well, I do anyway. I agree that some wishes are just goals that we are too lazy to work at. I have so many of the same wishes as you! A bank account that never always replenishes itself would be ideal! Hahaa! I wish I was a wishing machine, I'd put all your wishes in me and make them all come true!

    My greatest wish is for my parents to be happy and healthy.

    The weekend is almost here! I hope you have a fun and relaxing one! ♥♥

  11. Lovely Post..... I wish to have a sucessful, long, and prosperous career in fashion designing my own handbags. To die old and cranky with my bff (my husband) and to raise lovely non- judgemental strong kiddies. And of course as many Loubitans as I could wear in a year


  12. Hi Cindee,

    Lovely photos as an accompaniment to your insights as usual. I always love reading your thoughts and I find that I do see myself and hear my own thoughts every now and then while reading your words. I'm almost doing a checklist on your points and i've got 19 points similar. LOL

    My greatest wishes for now do not involve me... it is to have my god daughter recover from her cancer and for my good friend (her mom) to have a smoother life. I also wish that my parents need not work so hard and can start to enjoy life soon. I want everyone around me to be filled with love and happiness.

    I could go on and write a whole post on my wishes coz this space isn't quite so much about me. Heh... Maybe I should write a post on my wishes as well. I did set some goals, wrote them in my blog and I'm determined to achieve them. I do wanna sprinkle some dash of wishes too coz those are not quite similar to goals.

    It's always fun to have wishes isn't it?

    And I agree 100% on wishing I could blog more often.

  13. hi ladies,
    thx for all your lovely comments and i loved reading all your wishes =) this world is a magical place and i believe there is so much more than meets the eye. There's no doubt about it that you guys will have all the happiness in the world. It's not something that can be gained externally. That will never last. Look inside yourself. There you will find everything you have always imagined. Just wanted to send out my love =)

  14. I will reply you guys back individually

  15. except for Ligia! Where in the world have you been?? I missed you and now I find it so hard to converse with you bcos your blog isn't up anymore =( Thx for sharing your thoughts with me. I always enjoy reading your comments.

    After all this time I still wonder what my life would be like if my mom was still here. I know I'll see her again someday. In a way my wish has come true lots of times. I dream of her quite a lot & her presence is so strong in my dreams that they might as well be real =) its comforting to know she's still there looking out for me.

    I hope your wishes come true too. How come your sister and mom dont accept your bf? Just have a bit of patience babe. Im sure they'll come around.

  16. hello precious, i'm sorry you're not able to access my blog anymore. alot has happened in my life recently (mostly good things) and i just don't have the time to blog anymore. :(

    i'm happy to hear that you still dream about your mum alot, it's definitely a special gift!

    i was thinking that since i don't have my blog anymore, perhaps we can exchange emails or you can add me on fb, if you'd like? it's always good chatting to you and reading your blog, it makes me smile. :)

    here's my email:, send me an email anytime you'd like. xOx


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