Monday, September 7, 2009

Ready to be sun kissed by the californian sun

Hey guys, Just sitting at the Calgary airport right now waiting to board my plane to Cali. (Thx Tiff for the mags from Japan =D) Im so excited for this adventure. Summer has not ending just yet =) My first stop is Hollywood!! I will keep you posted so you can enjoy all the eye candy too.


  1. That's so great !! Can't wait for your following posts :))

    How I wish I'm going with you too ~

  2. Miss Cindee,
    Have a great and safe trip! Can't wait to see your post on your adventure(s. <3

  3. Hi Cindee, you always have a nice tan. Which tanning product do you use and recommend for a nice glow tan? Thanks much and have fun in Cali!


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