Monday, August 31, 2009

Bunny ♥ i belong to you

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I've never been good with keeping boyfriends...i think its because i jump into relationships too quickly & never really stop to ask myself if this is what i really want. so im doing things differently now. I know its such a cliche but you really gotta love yourself first and do the things you need to do. when one begins to love themselves and accept themselves for who they are they can do the same when faced with another person. u need that foundation in urself. i think when i do fall in love it will be for real. next time it will be for real cos i know so much more now & my hear is opened so much more now. In the meantime i wish i had a bunny.... hehe

♥ ♥
Hello bunny...hop hop hop.....

{ i found this quote somewhere } ...the human spirit will always aspire to shine... to taste the elixir of life, & to bathe in the glory of love. The path we tread is fleeting but our souls all yearn to fly, to know & feel love, to soar beyond dreams, to be lifted to magical faraway places, & to be as big & as bright as the blazing sun...


  1. Aw how cute, because I love bunnies!! They are the cute and huggable. I think I love them as much as kittens!! I would like to fall in love one day. I've never been in a relationship before so I don't know what that feels like. Hmm as I'm getting older, makes me think whenever that is going to happen lol. There was this guy, but he left me to move to the mountains and to hangout and snowboard in Argentina. Wth.. Who does that lol. Tell you more about that later..

  2. hehe yes I love bunnies too. I used to have 2 of them. Don't lose hope. I know the right person will find his way to you =) So this guy that moved to the you think you loved him?

  3. love all your pictures! too cute :)

  4. Ah def one of my fave editorials!!

  5. I love this editorial !! The bunny is really cute in those photos !

    Ohhh,I agree on loving yourself more. Then only you'll be able to love others:)
    Been with my boyfriend for 3years now. Really had MANY ups and downs,but we gone through them together.

    And I'm really fortunate that he's always so giving and patient with me <3

    But girl,I know you'll find the right one :)

  6. How did I get into jewelry design? hmm... I really have no clue, LOL

    I started out with making charms (something I had really wanted to do for awhile) & then I moved onto bracelets. My new hobby~ ^__^

    I like your blog by the way :)

  7. You're gorgeous. Should be modeling!

  8. lol* thx shantee, i was just being silly =P

  9. yiqin: i love these kinds of has the perfect whimsical touch

  10. Valencia: Im happy to hear about your bf. yes there will always be up and downs in any relationship. it only builds and strengthens the connection when u can both get thru it together =) Thx for the encouragement. For a while ive been very commitment phobic. Bcos of my freedom loving nature I tend to easily feel claustrophobic. =P

  11. Dana, its nice to see what others can create =) Thx for the comment!

  12. Dakota: haha u think so? i dunno if i would be good at that

  13. Hi Cindee. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I'm in Gold Coast, Australia right now and I'm gonna be here for the next 4 months. I'm glad you can relate to the troubles of finding a place to live. Not fun at all but once you find a place, it's great relief.

    Cindee, this is a great post. I always love reading your writing cause it's so relatable and inspiring. I agree that it's important to love yourself first and do the things you need to do before you can truly commit yourself to someone. I think relationships work best when both people are whole, completely at peace with who they are, what they're doing, and where they're going. And for some people, that can take awhile. I believe you can't rely on others to make you whole or complete who you are. You have to take time to discover yourself and realize what it is that you want, esp what you want in a relationship. It's all about self-awareness and it seems like you're aware of yourself and the things you want.

    This is also a cute editorial.

    All the best,

  14. i'll be your bunnie :)

  15. luv your pics cindee! very pretty! :)


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