Sunday, August 30, 2009

Links of the Week

mmm* designer cupcakes. I wonder if they taste as good as they look

♡ Lately Ive been feeling so burnt out from trying to balance out my life. So many things demand my attention.
Here's an article that helped: 9 Tips to Give Yourself an Energy Boost and also: A Guide for the Overwhelmed

♡ This song never fails to uplift me. Im so feeling it right now =)

Tips for creating a happier you, How to Maximize Ur Pleasure and Joy and The Art of Smiling

Sesame Magazine

Delicious breakfast photos. Id love to wake up to this every morning...

Aspiring Couture is a fashion blog/boutique I stumbled upon that features original work from aspiring designers


  1. awesome post!

    thanks for mentioned Aspiring Couture!

    and I love the cupcake pics as well :)


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