Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First outfit post

{ pic on the right was put together on Polyvore. Not the EXACT items im wearing but similar }

I am delighted to announce my first outfit post but pls bare with me if the photos don't capture a lot of details. It would be wonderful if any of you pros out there would share some tips or tricks with me to make them look more lovely. Thanks darlings.. now on with the show.

Im not wearing very summery colors am I? I was on my way to a career fair at Holt. So this is what I had decided on:
Black sheer v-neck t-shirt from Urban Behavior
Skirt made by me
Black blazer from Forever 21
Shoes from Vincci
Cream clasp belt from a Vancouver Boutique

{ edit } after writing this post last night, I stumbled upon a few tips on how to look more camera ready for an outfit post on Dirty Laundry.

"Explore the versatility of each garment individually. Look at what you are wearing right now. Do you see how much you could do with it? Even a simple blazer or oxford shirt has innumerable ways of wearing the lengths of the sleeves, your trousers could be cuffed inwards or outwards, your shirt tucked in or out. Don’t go overboard with the combos but don’t neglect the alternative possibilities." Read more


  1. welcome back! :)
    i love your whole outfit and your hair.
    looking lovely as always. :)

  2. glad you're back! I love your outfit!

    try hitting the macro (flower) button for some detailing!

    btw, I love your black blazer from f21.. I've been looking for the perfect one. is it recent?

    that skirt you made looks incredible! I'm looking for about a knee length skirt with two tiered ruffles! I saw miley cyrus wear it and it was gorgeous!

  3. thx ligia. im trying to grow out my hair so its all natural and healthy again.

  4. thx for the tip tiffany. I bought that blazer prob'ly 2 years ago actually...but Im sure they've got more updated styles. I really want a boyfriend blazer. It goes so well with everything and anything.

  5. you're welcome! :) i love how you've got the natural waves going, i'm still yet to master it, hehe.
    i'm also loving the boyfriend blazer right now too and am trying to find one!

  6. that skirt is sooooo adorable on you! i am in LOVE with high waisted skirts but unfortunately ly legs are too fat and pale! =(
    Thanks for the compliments girl! My brows are all made up too though lol

  7. sofie.vonmarricksJuly 1, 2009 at 8:24 AM

    omg i love love love this outfit cindee especially this skirt. i need and want this skirt so adorable!

  8. ligia: i usually just curl & wrap random strands over my curling iron & after i get them all curled i brush it all out...then the waves just create themselves. lol* i dunno if that made any sense.

    jooLee: trust me bave there are soo many styles of clothing i would love to wear but it just doesnt work with my body so i feel ya.

  9. aww thx sofie. i can make u one if you really want =P


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