Wednesday, June 24, 2009

let me lay in the sun while the breeze carries me away

{ credit: yvetterinufio on flickr }

{ ♥ } I dont know what to write about but I feel like writing. My mind goes blank when I try but somewhere within me there is something alive...waiting to be expressed like a caged tigress ready to escape the moment she can. I feel that I have been saying less but feeling more... trying to grasp the new lessons I have recently learned about life and of myself. Sometimes I feel so sick of being earthbound.... like Im tied to an anchor... weighing me down when my spirit wants to fly. Fly like a purple helium balloon that was unexpectedly let go of. But I do realize that in order to attain any true fullfillment in this earthly realm I've also got to learn how to ground myself. I will, but not today. Let me float a little longer. The view is amazing up here

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