Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pink Swag

♡ i find it difficult going out there and living life while trying to keep up with blogging. there is so much i want to blog about and share with you but so little time. i applaud those bloggers out there who can do both. Teach me your ways hehe ♡

So I stumbled upon this astrology website which I found was pretty cool. I know a lot of you out there think its all hokey pokey stuff. i know some ppl are skeptical bcos the only astrology they really come into daily contact with is in the newspaper or magazines. its definitely not my forte but i know that its more than that. its another art of its own.

Anyways the site is called It will ask for your birth date and time and then provide u with an in depth profile. Mine is freakishly accurate. I picked out a few main ones:

Although you are affectionate and enjoy being loved, you want to be free, emotionally and otherwise. (the story of my life. still trying to figure out if its a blessing of curse) You want to be free to choose your friends and not be tied down by those you love. You want to be with people who are exciting and stimulating, who can take you away from the normal daily routine. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty because you want to do your own thing. After all, you are willing to grant others the same freedom.

Your mind grasps new ideas and concepts very quickly, and you are always on the lookout for anything new and exciting.

You also tend to move so fast that your energies get scattered and you never really get anything done. Be careful not to start a lot of projects and then drop them when the thrill of a new experience has worn off. At times your tempo of activity gets so high that you simply exhaust yourself. During such times you will become extremely nervous and irritable, which is the signal to slow down. (haha. ME written all over it. where do you think i got the nick name "scrambled eggs")

You like to be surrounded by beauty and are depressed by anything ugly or unpleasant. (didnt i just do an entry on this?) While you are quite young, you may show some definite artistic ability. Also you appreciate other people's artistic talents.

Perhaps the most important effect of this aspect, however, is that it takes your mind away from narrowly logical thinking. You look for form and beauty in ideas as well as in objects. Also you may think visually, by seeing images in your head rather than just connecting ideas.

Look at these beautiful Jessica Simpson patent peep toes I got. They are a lovely milky shade of pink. I think I'm in love with milky pink right now.

yes, i know i got major toe cleavage lol*

Coincidentally I had gotten the same shade of OPI nail polish a week ago. It's called Malaysian Mist.

And since we are on the topic of pink, here are a few things from my wallet...

My pink berry and LV wallet, my blig bling card holder, key chain and jewel gum case. yes i know im really girlie


  1. Hey Cindee! Im glad your back, how have you been? I really enjoyed this post, because i read my horoscope daily although sometimes i too can be alittle skeptical as well. I just tried mine out on astro and my profile is very accurate as well.. freaky.. Reminds me of another site that i really like called Color Genics heres the link: this one prompts you to choose colors of those you feel the most harmonious with. Anyways, what are you plans for this memorial weekend? I am going to be visiting vancouver this weekend. My first time in Canada!! Im even going to visit dressew as you recommended once in one of your post.

    I would love to meet you one day!

    I really hope that you are doing well and have a wonderful weekend. Take Care Cindee. And thanks again for sharing your ideas, thoughts. Opens up feelings and other emotions that i cant just seem to share or speak about myself. You inspire me and give a sense of hope.


  2. Hi Sylvia,

    I will always be back....eventually. lol* but thank you for your encouragement. =) It's really nice to know that my expressions help open up yours.

    oooh you are visiting canada? Girl i would love to meet you too. Unfortunately Im in calgary and not in van right now. Are you in canada just for the wknd? Cos if you are staying longer i suggest you take a road trip down to Calgary bcos on the way you can check out the rockies and see very beautiful scenery. It's something you cant miss if its your first time to Canada. But if you are planning to just stay in van i would still love to recommend my favorite places for you to check out. So maybe you can pass over your email or something. =)

    Where are you from, babe? Im sorry if you mentioned it to me before.

  3. after reading this i seriously went on that site for like two hours! haha it was pretty interesting.
    & cute pink stuff :)

  4. Hey Cindee,

    Im just visiting for the weekend, i wish i could stay longer. Too bad your not in vancouver now, but next time it would be fun to meet up. I really wanted to go to a hockey game, but i believe the season is over..? Anyhow, how far is calgary from vancouver? A road trip sounds absolutely fun! Im from Seattle. And oh, please do recommend your favorite places! My email address is

    Grl! Your so girlie i love it! haha.

  5. the OPI nail polish looks good! is it sheer? lol

    i didnt know they had a pink berry haha. i wanted a pink phone for the longest time.. was even willing to take the blackberry pearl in pink even though i hated the keys but i settled for an iphone. sigh.

  6. rikuka: yes that site is pretty awesome and kept me entertained for quite a while too. =P what did yours say?

    sylvia: ill email you babe

    Tiffany: the nail polish is very light so I usually apply 2-3 coats. haha yea they have a pink berry. i waited so long for it and one day i got it as a gift! =D iphone is still good tho. lots of applications to play with

  7. Wow! The shoes are so cute! xD
    I'm so jealous of your phone.


  8. Herro Cin, I'm lovin pink too! so soothing! u kno why?... it's becos when you are in the womb, it's the only color/feeling you see/have! So naturally, it's instinctual to love pink! <3 Rozzie

  9. I want your phone and your shoes. Haha. I'm not afraid to say that pink is my favorite color. :)

  10. Roz: oooh i think i really enjoyed my time in the womb then. =P

    Thanks nerdishh and Linda. I would share but ya know, i'm all the way in canada.. hehe =P what kind of pink things do you guys have?


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