Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surround yourself with beautiful things

{ Abby Powell }

♥ What I Love ♥

- the color pink
- Peonies and full blossomed flowers
- whispered secrets
- unicorns
- uncovering life's secrets
- the crinkle in the corner of ones eyes caused by laughing
- things that sparkle
- wishing on stars
- candles
- fairytales
- lace
- the sound of water
- seeing the world in one raindrop or snowflake
- being a girl
What do you love?

{ iputdeadlynightshadeinyourcupoftea }


  1. I love being a girl too :)

  2. -the feeling of home
    -mutual respect
    -good design
    -"eyes that sparkle"
    -the beauty of nature

  3. twinkle lights on the bed! love!

  4. I love beautiful things
    working to stay out of the fog
    understanding language
    the feeling of cooking something new

    this makes me feel good, thanks.

  5. I love feeling beautiful, alive and free.
    I love walking on summer mornings and just watching things live.

    love the images :)

  6. I love
    -the colour green
    -genuine hugs
    -kisses from the one that loves you
    -gardens, things that grow
    -feeling safe and warm
    -original artwork
    -falling in love
    -new experiences
    -spicy food
    -making a killer tackle on the field :P

  7. thanks for sharing your lists, ladies. =) it made me smile.

  8. I love being a girly girl! :D Although sometimes I don't look it (because I usually like to laze around the house in sweats). Haha. xD



hi luv. speak your mind...whisper your secrets...kiss your words as you blow them into my ears

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