Tuesday, April 28, 2009

{ credit: Elena Kalis }

Even tho the girls are under water & could be drowning, the scene paints a perfect picture of serenity in the comfort of one another. Holding each other so not to float away. Its easier to go thru this journey knowing that you are not alone. So thanks everyone for your lovely comments and support. For that I am grateful =)

Here is a list of ideas to help u out of a bad day:

♥ Reach out and do something for someone instead of focusing on yourself. Donate blood, volunteer your time, cook for your family, treat a friend out for some ice cream...etc

♥ Watch the movie "Chocolat". You'll crave chocolate after this so just indulge yourself. Well not too much or else you'll end up puking like me =P

♥ Create a vision board. Fill it with images, photos, clippings of anything that inspires you, makes you happy, empowers you.... it will symbolize what you want to attract into your life

♥ Remember a compliment you received and believe it

♥ Play dress up, put on some of your favorite makeup and be a camera whore for the day. This is how I figured out which angle is my best. lol* It's ok to be a narcissist sometimes... =P just as long as your not hurting anyone but your camera

OPI has a variety of awesome shades. Paint your toes in your favorite color! Flip flop season is around the corner =)

♥ Go out with your gfs for a night of wine & chocolate fondue. This always makes me happy

♥ Get your fortune read for fun

♥ Try a new scent of perfume

♥ Give away free compliments just as long as they are genuine

♥ Write a list of the things you love about each part of your body

♥ Take a midnight stroll with someone special and wish on a star. Make your wish as BIG as you can and really believe it in your heart that it will come true

♥ Go swimming in your favorite bikini. Who cares if you're not in shape. Just let your body float effortlessly and feel the flow of water around you....calming you and freeing you of your worries

♥ Create and write a story of who you were in your past life. I could begin mine: In my former life I was an Arabian Princess searching for love in a world full of lies and deceit....

♥ Host a slumber party and invite all your favorite girlfriends

♥ Find yourself in nature. Go for a walk & let your senses come to life. Ask what you hear, feel, see, smell and you will start to feel more connected to nature and feel a sense of peace emerge

♥ Watch your all time favorite Disney Movie. Mine is The Little Mermaid

♥ Try something new. Like a new dance class, art, yoga? (thx pinksolitude)

♥ Try to see how long you can hold your smile


  1. thanks for all the ideas cindee! i was having a really bad day on monday and this really helps. =) i love the movie chocolat! if you love chocolate, you should definitely try lindt wafer. its my all time favourite chocolate. it beats ferrero. its kind of hard to find. im absolutely addicted. take care girl.

  2. aw no worries. hope you're feeling better.

    ooohhh i must try! i love lindt already but have never tried the wafer. usually i indulge in their chocolate balls. hehe. i will have to go hunting this wknd =)

  3. yum! lindt are my fave chocolates too, hehe.
    my favourite nature spot is always the beach. it's my escape haven, i just love the smell of ocean air and the sounds of the water, it's so peaceful. cliched i know, but i can't help it. :P

  4. oh i have to agree. the beach is definitely at the very top of my list!


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