Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out of order

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I don't know if the Universe is playing a joke on me but I'm not impressed. I have a tennis elbow injury that appeared out of no where. They say it could have been something that progressed in time bcos I
work a lot w my hands and a sharp action could have put it over the edge. Im just glad it's not carpal tunnel!

Regardless, I'm still in pain and it's quite frustrating that I cannot workout, do any yoga or be on my keyboard for long. That's why I'm posting this thru my iPhone - and even still, it's bothering me quite a bit.

Time to build my patience and tolerance. Hardest thing ever!


  1. Hey cindee, hope its a speedy recovery... Rest up and take it easy. You're very inspirational and i love your blog. Get well soon :)

  2. Feel better soon! Not being able to do a lot of physical activity would bother me too.

  3. In the mean time you can read more in order to find more inspiration to blog about in the future. ;)
    Still sucks though. What am
    I suppose to do if you don't blog for a long one due to your injury? Won't have anything to read while travelling in train. :/
    Oh well. Take care!!

  4. Oh no, you poor thing! :(
    I hope you recover soon babe. x

  5. I hope you get better soon. Make a trip to the chinese doctor...maybe some acupuncture will help. That's where I go for my back pain.

  6. Hope your elbow/arm heals quickly!


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