Thursday, March 8, 2012

Inside my gym bag

♡ I've got my Lulu bra top & hot pink pants
♡ leopard printed pouch that i made to carry my toothbrush & paste
♡ lil notebook to plan my workouts / old school iTouch / chapstick / MAC lipsheen & cream blush for after / eau de parfum
♡ my 'vitamins': HEAT, +Omega Glow, +Perfect Skin / brush to make my hair fluffy
♡ i♥Running H20 bottle
♡ Michael Kors wallet / Hello Kitty container meant for candy but turned into my fake eyelashes holder / lock / GymBoss interval timer

Kicking off my work shoes in exchange for something more 'comfortable.'

I've found it a bit difficult to go to the gym lately. Lots of things contribute to this but its definitely no excuse for my inconsistency. Regardless I know it will pass. I think its important not to be hard on yourself when you feel un-motivated. It happens. Kicking yourself in the ass & forcing yourself to go to the gym isnt the solution. It might help temporarily but eventually your motivation will sizzle and back to square one you'll go. You'll be depleting your energy if you attacking the issue this way. Wouldnt you rather use it to actually exercise? The solution comes from changing your state of mind & trying to understand your resistance. Here's what I've been doing to get myself back on the horse.

Doing 5 sets each of Surya A & B right when I wake up. It only takes 10 mins. Makes me feel awake and it gives my energy momentum for the day.

Take things one day at a time, one decision at a time. A muffin or yogurt for breakfast? Park closer or farther from the office?

Look at photos that inspire me. I've culled a few photos from the internet to look thru when Im feeling bleh. I also click thru Pinterest & Tumblr. It won't maintain the fire but it will definitely fuel it.

I tell myself when I feel better I do better. I'm doing myself and everyone else around me a favor by getting some exercise. I feel so much happier and light hearted compared to when Im feeling lethargic & moody.

When you're deciding if you should get some exercise or not, be in the moment. When you're not present, you are living in your head. "Oh - but im tired today. I will go tmrw. I dont see what the point of exercising. I will never get lose those pounds....etc"

I pace myself gradually. Just bcos I was able to do a 90 min spin class before doesnt mean I have to. I dont want to overwhelm myself. So I start off slow and build on it as the days go by. This builds my confidence too.


  1. It really is hard to keep up the gym, especially when its freezing outside. The weather is warming up now here in Toronto and now I have new motivation to start working out :)

    xoxo champagne

    p.s. I'm your new follower, hope you follow me !

  2. I use my hello kitty candy case to hold my falsies too!!!!! Since I have a plethora of them some hold earrings while I travel.
    Let me know when you're next yoga class is? I would love to go.


  3. I wish I was as organized as you, lol!

  4. hello Cindee,
    i love reading your blog though i really seldom comment, i am a secret happy reader! your blog inspires hope and many pretty things in life :) can you please show us what's in your usual makeup bag please? perhaps the item are different from your gym bag..thanks!!


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