Friday, February 17, 2012

Lead with your heart

I am currently taking my yoga teacher training & last wknd I put together my first class sequence. Its a lot harder than it seems bcos so many things have to go into ur planning. I love it tho bcos it allows me to be creative in a lot of diff ways. The underlying theme I tied into the 30 min lesson plan was learning to lead with your heart. I was inspired by Valentines day since it was right around the corner.

Photo: Robert Sturman / Pose: Camatkarasana - Wild thing
Valentines is one of my favorite "holidays." Even tho the reasons for why its my favorite holiday have changed thru-out the years, for me its always been a celebration of love. I used to give it a romantic meaning in my teens & that slowly shifted to a sense of gratitude for my family & friends.

Then I started practicing yoga & THAT became my focus for a few years & THAT became my love. The more I practiced, the more my heart opened & naturally, that led me on a path to self love. When you are in that heart space you start to see the world differently. Instead of finding myself falling in love with Prince Charming, I found myself falling in love with life.

When you lead with your heart, you automatically become more in tune with the world around you & that's when you can create beautiful things. So in today's practice let's lead with our hearts. Each pose expresses love in a different way. This short sequence will taking you into Camatkarasana aka Wild Thing.


  1. wow!!! nice pics!!

  2. That's so cool that you're becoming a yoga teacher. I just recently started and have so much to learn, but love it already. It's so challenging but the way it makes you feel is so rewarding.

  3. Nice pics!! I follow your blog, would love you to check out my blog and follow back :)

  4. wow! love the pics! Very Beautiful.


  5. These images are so beautiful and magical! I really wanna take yoga classes as well!


  6. wow gorgeous photos. SO GLAD i came across your blog, love it! You are stunning Alicia :)
    maybe I can learn a tip or two from you about yoga lol, my balancing is blehh LOL

    Hope you can come check out my blog if you have time, and say a quick hey.. and if you like it, maybe follow me back too? I would appreciate it heaps thanks hun :) x

    looking forward to your more of your awesome posts

  7. Wow, teaching yoga! I can't even get through one class. Love the images
    Red Soles and Red Wine

  8. I have never tried yoga before! I enjoyed reading this post :D
    it's very hard to lead with me heart most times when there are gazillion thoughts inside my mind but the quiet times are precious :)))


  9. Cool, this is neat to see that you're so into yoga now! You must be awesome. I miss my practice. I've yet to find a new studio I can afford haha

  10. Hmmm.. this post was actually rather inspiring. Thank you!


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