Friday, February 3, 2012

confetti hearts

I'm a sucker for Valentines Day. So when Feb rolls around I start to feel extra lovey dovey. Whether it be adoring the ppl who are closest to me, snuggling up to my own passions, nurturing my creativity, sharing my heart with others or seeing beauty in everything around me. So I hope you guys can jump on board with me this month while i delve into a few topics that are dear to my heart.

I also have a give away contest that Im eager to post so pls watch out for that =)


  1. I feel the save way and spoil my friends with presents. Looking forward to your next few topics :)

    xx Cee Cee
    @Ceecee's Inspirations Blog

  2. I love Valentines, too, it's such a visually appealing holiday. Can't wait to see your new posts!

  3. love this! definitely feel the same way.

  4. Can't wait for your give away contest!!!! I really enjoy reading your blog posts!!!! If you have a chance, please visit/follow my fashion blog. It will mean the world to me if you did. Thank you so much in advance!!!

  5. i love holidays! or any excuse to search for, make, wrap, put together, etccc little gifts for friends and family!

    the confetti from this pic is pretty--valentines is my fav.


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