Thursday, June 30, 2011

Journal Scribbling

I found this piece I wrote in 2005 & I wanted to share it with you guys:

Dec 09 2005

" i*ve often struggled with my own sense of identity. who am i in this big world & where do i fit in? My appearence has changed & will continue to. Each day I experience moods, emotions & inner states that sometimes are so contrasting that I seem to be different ppl with each different circumstance that i come across. All these external changes can effect me inwardly just as inner change can alter you externally. But is there something that always remains the same? how do we know who we are?

well...i believe in a soul.I guess its not really who u are as an individual but how we experience IT (or God, to some) in us. We are all connected bcos we all share that essence inside. We CAN define ourselves as individuals but that doesnt explain who we really are esp since so much can change within & outside of us. Ultimately, who i am is who you are, who you are is who i am.

We are really not as seperate as we make ourselves to be bcos when you really touch on that essence inside it activates something we cant define. We start connecting with each other instead of setting ourselves apart...we see the innocence in others that we also recognize in ourselves. Sometimes we are brought to tears when someone has done something out of the kindness of their heart for us bcos their soul literally touched ours.

We always look up when we pray to God...thinking that he is somewhere up there or outside of us but what we dont realize is that God is IN us & when he speaks he speaks thru us from inside ur heart or in the actions & words of another person. If only we stop and take time to listen we would see lil signs that there is more than meets the eye. And if we paid more attention to ourselves inwardly, we can begin to open our eyes and that makes a world of a difference."

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  1. miss cindee,

    How have you been? This is indeed a thought provoking post. In answer to what you've written in the 1st paragraph, I wrote something about it in one of my past entries:
    I change and form myself around different groups of people. I believe many of us do that too. People always tell me how genuine I am, how certain behaviours, acts and mannerism are just so me but the truth is I'm never 100% myself. Nevertheless, I always keep a little of my base personality involved -- the true face beneath the many masks. On the other hand, does being different with different groups of people necessarily equate to putting on different masks just because I open up different aspects of my personality among different people? I could probably be masking certain characteristics to tune in to the situation accordingly.

    For you, you believe in the same soul and that you and I and everyone are all similar. For me I believe that each of us has got a base personality or character or essence to which many aspects would add on to this base and causing us to be different from others and also different from ourselves at different periods or different scenarios. There are so many ways to interpret this.

    If you don't mind me asking, what religion are you?


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