Monday, July 5, 2010

Bikini Bod Countdown - Week 3

Im a little late posting week #3. It was a busy week full of activity, Canada day and birthdays so I haven't gotten around to this post till now. I also got my Victoria's Secret bikinis as well! yay! The one Im wearing was on clearance. They have pretty good deals on bikinis so check it out if you're looking for some new ones. Beach Bunny is a cute bikini brand as well. Very popular right now and the designs are very different. When I was in Bali we also stumbled upon this bikini store by Kuta Beach. It's called Blue Glue and they have a Canadian site too. I think I'm good for bikinis bcos I made a few too. I think Im all set =)

So its really important to switch up the exercises you do so your muscles dont get used to it. Week 3 I went hiking with some good pals on a trail called Troll Falls. Beautiful scenery all the way up and it was quite an adventurous hike bcos we had to climb up rocks and jump thru streams.

♥ Since its summertime go for walks after dinner
♥ Bike to the store instead of driving
♥ Swimming is also great and as a bonus you get a little tanning done
♥ If you're lucky to be around a beach go jogging in the sand
♥ Wall climbing!! This is next on my list

I also tried to mow our lawn. The grass had grown to almost a foot. Yikes! It was such a struggle pushing thru all that grass. I hate to admit it but I couldnt do it =( I tried with all my might hahaha


  1. Looking nice and toned now =P

  2. Damn girl you are definitely bikini ready! You've got to hit up Mandalay Bay & go swimming there! It's like a beach :) If you're over 21 definitely go see XS! I hope you enjoy your trip! =)

  3. Victoria Secret rocks!
    I wish I was there to take some nice landscape pictures ^^

  4. those are lovely photos!
    you are surely bikini ready! how i envy you

    have a great day
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    little miss fhenny
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    tweet update


  5. I've been doing the yardwork for my mom and I, and boy is it hard work!! i started learning last summer with mowing, and lawncare and everyone made me feel like it's 'not possible' to do. excuses my dad would tell me "even I have trouble starting it (gas mower)" and mom would say "wait for dad". I've never seen her ever do it, and she even believes it's too hard for her. but with my mom and dad separated and fighting over the house, dad would even use the excuse "she doesn't deserve the house because she doesn't even take care of it". what a mess. but really it is do-able, your yard was probably tough because of the foot tall grass. Try using a weedwacker first if it's that long!! I know i could do it, because my friends monther, who is 70+ mows her front yard!. Last week my mom even came and helped me, and I taught her how to mow the yard haha.

  6. you are so bikini ready! And haha I hate cutting my lawn too, I always get blisters on my thumbs

  7. I have that same swim suit from VS. You look better in it than I do. LOL.

    Hiking is a great workout, I love hiking and being outdoors.

  8. so sexy in your bikini.

  9. You look great babe! What's your routine? I lost my bikini bod in a month after 6 weeks of intense training! And just in time for the beginning of summer in Vancouver too. Lol.

  10. Hey Babe! Love your determination & consistency! I need some of that. LOL

    Definitely... find a rock climbing place. It'll definitely tone you up! All those muscles you never knew you had. haha

  11. ummmm can i have your tummy!!!!...droolz


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