Tuesday, July 6, 2010

5 Fun Tips to Play Up Your Summer Style

1♥ Accessorize by putting a fresh flower in your hair. Its the perfect touch to celebrate the warm weather while enjoying the sunset with your hunnie

2♥ Traveling this summer? Plan your trip based on an outfit theme. In the Sex in the City 2 movie their clothing choices were inspired by bold bohemian colors, desert silhouettes like harem pants, caftans & turbans. maybe you can do a nautical inspired theme or choose an animal inspired theme where you pair your LBD with peacock feathered earrings or accent a white summer dress with zebra printed sandalst. Use your imagination and be playful

3♥ Icecream tastes so good on hot hot days and so cute when the bubblegum shades are painted on your toenails

4♥ Protecting your skin from the sun is important(I just started to see some sun spots appear on my arms ahhh!) So why not do this in the most stylish way you can. Invest in some summery hats. Like a straw hat to wear to the beach with your new bikini and your sexy espadrilles or a cute boater hat unless you prefer a cowboy hat. Not only does it shield your face from the sun, it also adds some sassy style to your beach outfit

5♥ Walking barefoot on the beach? Why not try one of these foot accessories? I got THIS ONE when I was walking around Venice Blvd on my trip to Cali last year. I love it.


  1. Hey Hun! You're looking awesome and you're such an inspiration to me for your fitness goals. Victoria secret has some really nice bikinis. I don't know why but every VS store I've been to in the USA does not sell bathing suits there - maybe it's only an online thing? Well, Toronto is opening up their first VS store next month - is it coming out to Calgary soon where you are?
    I totally agree on the sunscreen factor. OKay, watch out for Vegas girl LOL. I got some crazy ass tanlines!! Because it's too hot there to cover up and avoid tan lines, I suggest wearing less (uh, you know what I mean) to avoid tan lines - like short shorts or tube tops or something. I hope you have an awesome time in Vegas :) I'll be doing a post on what I thought about Vegas....thanks for asking though ;)

  2. these are great tips !!
    i always find it hard to pack the right goodies even for a 3 days trip :/
    ps* your abs are looking delice each week !

    and the vintage chanel you asked was handed down from my mom :)

  3. ohh myyy that foot accessory is beautiful!! i would want a gold one im such a gold freak! lol

  4. OMG have a lovely flight later this evening ;) I flew into Vegas at nighttime too - that's the way to do it with all the gorgeous city lights!
    I know I was talking to Dale who lives in Calgary and he told me about the hail and cold weather you got in Calgary. Sheesh that's crazy especially with Stampede! Have you been to any Stampede events/shows? Must be crazy there with Stampede! I haven't been to Calgary during Stampede week but one year soon I should.
    LOL - you made me laugh about your drunken episodes that led you through numerous Canon cameras. I'm like that with my iPhone. I actually just got another replacement iPhone last night at Apple Store believe it or not....I always seem drop that thing in clubs and spill liquor on it :( Craziness! Canon and Apple must love us haha

  5. lovely picturesss; so gorgeous and I'm like on a summer high! just got back from fishing, hope you have a lot of fun at your vacation! was it losvegas? so jealous hah i have to stay in town because of piano exam and a beauty pageant haha, but it's actually not as bad as I thought, never really was one for the planes i guess haha. how's your summer!



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