Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Vancouver Trip

I took a very impulsive trip down to Vancouver to enjoy the last 2 days of the Olympics. I definitely needed to get away bcos I was beginning to feel quite restless again in Calgary. Perfect timing and Im so glad I went bcos if I didnt, I would have missed out on this once in a life time chance to see the city full of great ppl & great energy. Here are some pics taken by me from my mini trip.

This is up driving downtown right after we won the Hockey Game.

no. this ticket wasn't mine. lol* i wish. how intense would that be?

What's Vancouver without any rain? No rain boots tho, just me and my pretty umbrella ready to go on an adventure

Van is always so green. Love the neighborhoods esp here in Kitsilano. So close to the beach too...

Stopped by my favorite restaurant Guu, for lunch.

Yes i am playing with my food. Pumpkin Croquette and some yummy beef udon noodles.

...and cute Lexus posing. of course.


  1. I am green with envy right now~ I wish I could trot up to Canada to watch the Winter Olympics...SIGH -____-
    And that Japanese restaurant looks too cute^___^
    The croquette looks scrumptious!


  2. wonderful photos hun - lucky you got to experience a bit of the Olympics! the photo with the pink trees - cherry blossoms make my heart race...

  3. Aw yay you got to come back to Vancouver for the Olympics... on the most exciting day ever. Did you watch the hockey game?

  4. i thought you used to live in vancouver? why did you move to calgary?

  5. White Rabbit: aw dont be. yes the croquette was delish! i love the restaurant.

    Rozzie, I almost didnt go. Well it wasnt in my plans. but im so glad i did. the energy of the city was something i dont think i will ever experience again.

    Katy: I sure did babe. It was such an intense game. I felt my heart drop when the game became tied.

    I came back to Calgary for a few reasons. I had a few projects to work on here, my sister is getting married so i wanted to be here to help, missed my friends and family so its nice to be able to ground myself again and also cos it gives me a chance to save up for my next move...which will be a bigger city than calgary and vancouver put together =D

  6. Omg in one of your street pics, I actually know of the guys caught randomly in it! Saw it and was like "wth???" hahaha

    Vancouver was the most alive I've ever seen it then. Loved living in the city while it was happening. Of course, now we are back to typical rain!


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