Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finding your inner Gaga

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Have you guys seen her new music video ft. Beyonce? Some ppl may not like her unique sense of style or her strange ways of illustrating herself. But we can all learn a thing or 2 from this pop icon. And its learning to express the unique inner creativity we all have within ourselves. You may not be in a career that allows you to do this but that doesnt mean you can't apply it into your daily life.

Creativity depends on fostering independent thought. what is it that makes you uniquely YOU, how do you view yourself and life? Start with this and build on it. What type of energy do you want to put into the world? Find your inner vibrancy and show the world how colorful you can be. Go places you've never been before.

Here are a few online personalities that I very much admire bcos of their defining qualities and their unapologetic ways of expressing themselves. Their character really shines through. (in abc order):

Doe Deere
Gala Darling
Miss X
Sea of Shoes
The Starving Stylist

Do you guys have any?


  1. Yes I saw the video and I like it! It's different for sure - and I like how it plays like a movie.
    Out of the bloggers you mentioned, I only know of xppinkx and I love her posts. I don't get inspired by too many others in that extreme - some of it just seems a tad tasteless, rude or just comes across as fake/trying too hard. The blogs I follow are pretty much just straight up makeup blogs :)

  2. Hi Karen, The video/mini movie is definitely entertaining. I was a bit disturbed in the beginning. lol* thx for your comment.I like those makeup blogs as well. I always learn something new. But there's only 2 or 3 I follow.

  3. I loved this video, it blows my mind every time how original and creative she is! Totally amazing.

    Great list of blogs, I read the Starving Stylist as well! Another one to look for is Cheap Thrills - she's this 16yr old from Winnipeg who has the face of a model and the skills of a editorial photographer!


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