Thursday, March 11, 2010

DIY: I hate to see her go but...

Hello hello ladies. This is my very first DIY(do-it-yourself) tutorial so I hope you like it and that my illustrations do justice. It would be awesome if you guys can give me some feedback =)

I think one of the most sexiest parts of a woman is her back so I wanted to start my DIY series with this in mind. The outfit I transformed was worn for a special occasion but dont limit your imagination to this. You can use this tutorial to turn a long t-shirt into a dress for something more casual & cute or you can wear it as a tunic or even apply the steps for a top instead of a dress OR you can incorporate a lace body suit underneath to create an interesting design. Use your creativity.

So I got this tunic from H & M. It's supposed to fit a bit loose but I bought it one size bigger than normal to give me some extra fabric just in case I need it.

Materials you'll need:

-The garment you'll be transforming. Make sure its a bit stretchy
-a sewing machines would be helpful but its not necessary. You can hand sew it
-needle and thread
-some chalk to mark the fabric
-fashion tape (if you live in Canada you can pick some up at Shoppers Drug Mart for $14). This is a good investment that you'll be able to use over and over again for lots of different things. It has a very strong hold.
-and some confidence. it definitely adds THAT much more

ok. so let's begin....

Step 1: Nip Tuck. Turn your garment inside out and put it on. Take your pins and start pinning in the sides depending on the look you are going for(tighter or looser). This is shown as the dotted white line in the illustration.

Next, slowly slide the garment off so the pins dont fall out. Mark with the chalk where the pins are to indicated where you are going to stitch. Take the pins out and then either machine sew or hand sew. After sewing is complete put the garment back on to see if the fit is good. If it is, go ahead and trim off the access fabric(shown in the illustration as the solid yellow line)

Step 2: Distinguishing the sexiness factor. Draw a line down center back with the chalk. The length of the line depends on how far down you want the back opening to go. This is shown by the solid yellow line. Cut down this line and fold back the fabric where the DOTTED yellow line is on BOTH sides(i only drew the dotted line on the left side but do it or both)

Step 3: If you want to save time, instead of sewing back the folds, tape them down with the Fashion Tape. Also make sure you apply some fashion tape on your shoulders to keep your garment from falling down. Trust me, they will stay on all night. I love Fashion Tape. It's magic.


  1. That dress looks amazing on you! I can't believe you DIYed yourself =)

  2. You have killer curves!! The dress is gorgeous, the back side is especially sexy. Keep up the great work!

  3. Wow, that top is SUPER HOT!!! (you look super sex kitten in it!!!)

    Thanks for the tutorial, love your blog ^_^

  4. WOW, that looks killer~ And you have a great body! What's your secret for those curves? <3
    AMAZING DIY and you look gorgeous~ ^____^


    Miss. P

  5. I love how that one ltitle cut can change the whole dress! It's super cute.

  6. Wow that's so cute babe! I'm inspired to start making my own clothes but I need to learn how to use a sewing machine. =(

    What are other uses for fashion tape?

  7. Your blog is so inspirational and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this DIY post. The dress looks fab with just a few transformations! Keep posting and please keep posting more DIYs :)

  8. Wow Cindee, I love the back cut... it was so creative!!! Looks like you got a really nice golden tan... a few posts ago you referred to lancome flash bronzer but it's discontinued. which one do you use now? also, can you refer me to what foundation you use?

  9. omg babe, the dress is gorgeous & HOT, especially when you're wearing it! ;) you're so creative, i love it! x

  10. wow that's too cool, love how you altered it (plus interesting to see your how-to) and it looks fab on you! :D

  11. Wow I love your dress and how you fixed it! It looks like you bought it like that :) I can't trust myself to do something like that LOL. I would totally screw it up.

  12. Thx everyone for the super amazing feedback on this post. I will definitely post more DIYs. I think you guys should try this DIY and send me pictures! I would totally love that! =)

  13. Katy:you can use fashion tape to do quick hems on pants, or to secure a shirt from coming up when you tuck into your skirt or pants, can be added to a strapless top/dress for more security so you dont have to keep adjusting yourself, eliminate gaps in your button up shirts...can also be used to secure low necklines... Im sure there's alot more uses for it but those are the ones I have come across so far

  14. Anonymous: I am still using the flash bronzer bcos I havent ran out of it yet. Im disappointed that they discontinued it... now im not sure what Im going to use when i run out. As for foundation, I dont use any. I use concealer under my eyes and for my face i use the flash bronzer and then MAC Cream Color Base in SHELL to highlight my cheekbones and MAC Blush Cream in CHERRY for my cheeks. Hope that helps.

  15. woah ! you look HOT in that modified dress !
    i wish i have the nice figure like yours to pull off a bold dress like yours.. :(

  16. You are really bringing sexy back in every sense of the phrase. I love your tan and curves. Doyou often go for tanning? I wished I'd paid more attention during sewing class back in school. I often send my clothes for alteration and if only I knew how to DIY, I would be able to save so much $$ and expand on my creativity at the same time.

  17. def can't wait to see more of your DIY. absolutely hotness. you look great!

  18. Hi Cindee,
    I love the DIY dress! It’s amazing and looks gorgeous on you! I am horrible when it comes to sewing though, but you make it look so easy =P Have you thought about having a youtube channel for tutorials? Oh and I agree that one of the sexiest parts of a woman is her back, just a glance at it will make you wonder a bunch of things.

    Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I didn’t really have plans this weekend, I was a home body haha. What about you? How was your weekend? There’s not much to do in this city. I always end up going out for dinner or a few drinks, nothing too exciting. What do you usually do?

  19. Hey Jo, if you think that will help expand your creativity then why dont you sign up for a basic sewing class. it does save a lot of money =) esp if you learn how to hem and alter stuff.

    Do i really look tanned? I thought I had faded quite a bit. I think my tan is from Sept when I went to LA. and no I dont go tanning. It's bad for you. I went a couples times a few years ago and i think it was too strong for me bcos my skin started getting very sensitive and itchy. I dont know if you've read my past article on my tan. If not here's the link:

  20. that is one cool tunic and you make it even cooler with your DIY! loooveee it!

  21. amazingggggggggg!!! soooo freaking sexy!!! <3 and you're HOT HOT HOT. hahaha. i need to askyou how did you make your halloween costumes!! or which costume was the easiest/most simple so i can try to make something next year that looks great/fits perfectly on me instead of buying cheap costumes 10x the price and it falls apart by midnight!

    wish i had your skills! :)

  22. You speak Hokkien as a dialect? I'm a hokkien and yes we do mix hokkien in our English too.

    I'm currently doing lots of stuff all at once and yes I did think of taking up a course on sewing too. However I assume I need a machine at home.. the sewing machine in both my family's house and my in laws are the old fashioned type. Those given to my mum and mum in law as a wedding gift kind... now just imagine that and they're pretty much not in working order just that the sentimental value is too much to be thrown. I think I'm just being a procrastinator once more.

    Ooh thanx for the tanning tips! You put in lots of effort. No wonder your tan looks delicious. I used to tan a lot but not anymore. Now I'm neither glowing fair nor yummy tanned. Just yellow-jello. =D

  23. That is amazing... and you looked incredible in it!!!

  24. great DIY. killer dress!

    can't believe that came out of an H+M dress - you have a great eye :)

  25. wow u look so great!!!

  26. came across your site! and i am glad i did!what a great post about diy! love it!


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