Sunday, January 17, 2010

Links of the Week

I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be a sparkling year filled with wonderful surprises. Do something different this year. be more active, be more creative, laugh more, relax more...whatever it is find a theme for 2012. Mine is to take more action in manifesting my dreams.

♥ Turn your bedroom into a place where you can relax and daydream. Fill it with things that speak to you. Here's a cool collection of inspiring spaces. Im in the process of redecorating my room. I stenciled my walls giving it a damasked look, played around with feng shui (if you're serious about Feng Shui check out Feng Shui for Dummies. Its an excellent book) and made a folding screen which is also going to be my vision board. All I got to do now is add in the details. This will be an ongoing process bcos I definitely dont have the $$ to buy everything all at once. Which brings me to the next thing...

♥ Get your finances in check. I received 2 books this xmas from my brother in-law. One of them being Suze Orman's Women & Money & Smart Cookies. Im pretty excited to start learning to become better at managing my finances. I feel that its important to be in more control when it comes to money. Last year I was definitely out of control with my spending..taking 2 major trips to LA and NYC and also going to Mexico twice. Soo worth it but now Im left to deal with debt which i have to take full responsibility for. Carpe Diem right? But we still need to learn how to balance it out.

photo credit {i.Anton}

♥ Do something you've always wanted to do. For me its belly dancing. Ive always been very drawn to it. I find the music so enticing and the fluid movements look so sensual and almost hypnotic. So I went ahead and enrolled in a class with Goddess Dance and I absoultely LOVE it. The way your body moves makes me feel very in touch with my feminine side. Its an empowering feeling.

♥ Get in touch with your girlie side. Wear some pretty bows.Or how bout some floral necklaces?

♥ Invite more love into your life. Write more love letters. The Lost Art of Letter Writing. Scented Letters. Japanese Scented Pencils. There's nothing more delightful then receiving a hand written note. Dont be afraid to express yourself. Or get your dainty manicured hands dirty and start making handmade gifts. Check out some DIY projects and freebies at Creature Comforts and also i do it yourself is filled with lovely diy articles. BTW ill be adding a DIY section to my blog =P

♥ Start a blog. Here's a book of blog stars maybe they can help inspire you or read this article: 9 Tips to Start Blogging Successfully. Everyone has different reasons to start a make money, to share knowledge, to connect with other ppl with the same interests, to use as a creative outlet...the list goes on. Try it =)

♥ What kind of things do you collect? I collect postcards from the places I've traveled to. I also collect stationary. There's something about pretty blank pieces of paper that excites me. I also collect unicorns. obviously. =P Collecting things is a fun hobby just as long as it doesnt turn into clutter.

Get a calender. I've been writing in a calender for years now. I jot down little notes on what I do each day so I can look back & remember things if I need to.


  1. Loads and loads of incredible links and ideas - thanks so much!

  2. Great ideas Cin! I was talking to Yanny about making an inspiration board and your links are super helpful. We were also at ikea looking at new things for our room, to make it more comfy. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the world, you make creativity so accessible and so enticing.

  3. i like all these ideas cin! =) keep up the great posts. loves.
    i miss getting hand written notes and letters too.. i remember back in jr high and high school where we would write notes and fold them into cool and neat ways like a little puzzle!

  4. Love the photos that you used. So totally love i-anton's photos. Thanx for crediting him and providing the link!

  5. Rachel: no worries =) hope you enjoyed it

    G*luck on your inspiration board, Ma. That's a pretty creative idea you have to do it on a canvas. cant wait to see it.

    Trace: yea hand written notes were always fun. I wonder if I still remember how to fold those littel hearts. im sure its like riding a bike. lol* do you remember?

    Your welcome Jo. i-anton's photos are so lovely. =)


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