Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Years

My little lamb slippers ^_^ very cozy

Happy New years, darlings.

Im sure most of my loyal readers realize by now that I have a tendency to go on Hiatus every once in a while. My reasons for being MIA are usually due to it becoming very action packed (full effects including BOOM, POW, KAZAM. Kind of like fighting crime the old school batman way =P). Especially since there have been a few changes & transformations that are going on in my life right now, I find that I haven't been on my laptop very often if ever. I do have the choice to post with the limited time ive got but I prefer to give my readers quality content not just post an entry just for the heck of posting an entry. I dont want my words to be floppy and stale. Ive tried to remain true to that and I hope it shows Don't worry tho, I have accumulated tons of creative ideas that i am dying to add to my blog.

Pls stay tuned. I wont be too long.
Luv Cindee


  1. Happy new year Cindee! Hope you had a fabulous xmas & ny holiday/break. :)
    Those slippers are the cutest things ever! I'm looking forward to your future posts too. xOx

  2. Can't wait to see what your going to post next!

  3. wheeeee! Hope you had a good start to the new year hun :) Awww sweetest little slippers ever :3 xxx

  4. Happy 2010 to you Cindee! Hope it'll be a great year for you and your loved ones.

    Well, I'll be coming back here often to view your lovely posts. I understand your feelings. Sometimes I do feel that I owe my frenz and readers something if I don't post an entry. You are right. Don't feel pressurized to post just for the sake of posting coz quality overrules quantity. ;)

    BTW That's a cute pair of "meh meh" slippers. Oopsy pardon my childish language. I often call sheep and lambs "meh meh" from the sounds they make. Even taught the caucasians how to say it in the act cute tone back in an NZ trip a few years back where there were sheep and lambs everywhere and they started going "meh meh" too.

    Cya around babe!

  5. like they say quality over quantity....

  6. they are very comfy these slippers. lol meh meh jo? you're so cute!! thanks for all the lovely comments. gives me a nice jolt of motivation to continue my posts. muah* happy new years to you too Ligia.

  7. Ligia? what happened to your blog?? =(


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