Monday, March 9, 2009

Links of the Week - Style

There are no set rules for how to dress and how to have style but there are always guidelines and tips you can choose to follow or add to your knowledge. Dressing up should be fun. That's what I love about being a girl.

"Dear woman of the world: Everyone deserves the right to self-expression, especially if it is not conflicting with another person’s life...." read more
Gala's guide to dressing up and choosing sunglasses that suit you
Guide to Outstanding Personal Style from Doo Deere's blog
Do a closet cleanse. There's a lot of emotional residue hanging in our closets. The jeans that will eventually fit you again after you lose 5 pounds, the dress that you wore on your first date, the "lucky" blazer that you wore which got you your dream job, the teeny bikini that no longer fits but you keep because it reminds you of "supposed" happier times when you were younger and thinner.... Ask yourself, does everything deserve to be there? Try not to hold onto things you no longer need. I promise you, you'll feel ten pounds lighter =P
Improve your posture. It makes a big difference. Mentally it helps you feel more confident & physically you look slimmer and taller. As a bonus your clothes will look better bcos they are falling where they're supposed to

I love looking through japanese fashion magazines. They are full of styling ideas.
Browse stylish clothing at Chictopia
Ask yourself: "Am I wearing the clothes, or are the clothes wearing me." Why is it that some ppl can pull off wearing outrageous items of clothing while others look like they are trying too hard? It's because the ppl who can pull things off know themselves, they know who they are. Intead of letting clothing define them, they use it to express themselves and their personality. There is a difference.
Best designer deals on the web
5 Rules for Timeless Style
Book recommendation: A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style by Tim Gunn. "Its is important to note that there is a difference between homage and parody. While we encourage you to draw inspiration from your favorite inventors, this does not give you free rein to dress as an Angelina Jolie or Martha impersonator. Real style is achieved when accenting your signature look with one of theirs"


  1. Thanks for the comment hun! I've heard alot about those Japanese Magazines. I should really pick some up for inspiration ;)

  2. My goodness! Your blog is like a work of art! You're so talented!

    You're looking pretty!~ I have a thing for leg warmers!


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