Monday, March 2, 2009

Links of the Week - Love

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So this week's links are love related. Love is more than just romantic love.... it is the love we feel for friends, for family, for anything we are passionate about. So love your life... love the things you do and surround yourself with things that make you happy =) Cheers.... March is here.

credit: {Cinnamon}

Buy a card for a friend and surprise her/him with it by writing why you are grateful for them
Take a friend out for lunch...or even better, a fondue date. If you're in Calgary The Living Room has quite a delightful chocolate fondue platter with fruits & cookies to dip into chocolatey goodness
Read this article on Understanding Human Relationships by Steve Pavlina and another good one from ThinkSimpleNow blog is: How to Build Intimacy in Any Relationship
Stay in one wknd and rent Chick Flicks with your girlfriends

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Send a handwritten letter on pretty stationary or on postcards and snail mail it. I dont know anyone who really does this anymore but I also don't know anyone who doesn't love receiving mail the old fashion way.
Learn to be a better listener. Yes, we know how to talk but do we know how to listen?
Practice doing random acts of kindness to brighten up someone's day. Visit Operation NICE to read some cool stories on other's random acts of kindness
Inspire other ppl to see the best in themselves

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Wear cute and pretty pj's to bed
An article on How to Love Yourself and another on Building Confidence
Start a little notebook full of quotes and words that inspire you
Sit in your warm tub, fill it with bubbles and daydream
Share your thoughts with others. I've noticed that I've been having a hard time doing this verbally to ppl. I have a huge dislike for talking on the phone and a strong hesitance to explain myself fully(verbally) without getting frustrated. I will save you the details but this is something I definitely need to work on.
I love you more than..... and check out their cute totes

Cute heart-shaped cutting board to help cook dinner for your bf/gf. Make it a day to just focus on each other.
Notice & acknowledge the little things they do for you
Daydream together while sipping on a glass of wine
A great article on love and another on How to Find True Love
Book recommendation: The Authentic Heart by John Amodeo. I first picked up this book at the library when I was around 16 and after reading it once I went to buy it. Since then I've read it 4 more times and each time I seem to take something different from it. I think this book was a good investment. You can read the book here.
Be playful.


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