Friday, January 23, 2009

A little note on style

I think the number one important tip when it comes to style is wearing it with confidence. Its not about what you wear as much as how you wear it. ya ya ya i know its cliche but its so true. Only dead fish swim with the stream. So stop buying the latest trends if they dont look good on you. You have to figure out what looks best on your body type and go with it. You’ll just end up looking ridiculous if you’re trying to sport something that you feel uncomfortable or unsure in.

The key is to experiment & find out what looks good and what looks bad on your body. Ive worn so many things that are unflattering on me but at least now I know. Its a process. Just remember to have fun while you’re at it & remember to be true to who you are not to what others are wearing. An individual has personal style only when she adapts fashion to her own appearance and way of life. We dont need anymore carbon copies in this world. Fashion fades, style is eternal.

“Being well dressed does not consist in the length of a woman’s skirt nor the height of her waistline. It is not as simple as that. A woman has first to discover her personality and dress in harmony with it.” - Balenciaga

“Beware of only being pretty, there is no physical beauty without inner beauty. Charm is preferable to beauty. Simplicity does not mean poverty.” - Coco Chanel

“Etiquette are for those without manners, in the same way as fashion is for those without style.”
Coco Chanel

Here are some of my styles:

Shades of grey:

I have been so into the color grey lately. I wear it with accents of black & top it off with something sparkly. Like a necklace, bangles or just my classic silver jewelry(my ring, Gucci watch, Tiffany's necklace or Heart bracelet), and nicely polished nails.

I would call this my t-shirt style?

I like to buy L size t-shirts and make them into dresses. T-shirts are known for comfort and thats one of the reasons why I like it. I think its fun to make something casual into something sexy and club worthy.


  1. where did you get your cute grey sweater? i love it! i love your style girl. =)

  2. hi cyndi, i got this sweater from Urban Outfitters

  3. Hi Cyndi,

    Love your blogsss... What is your hair color/highlights in those two pictures? Is it ash brown? Looking forward to hearing from ya... thanks.

  4. My hair is 2 tones. dark brown and highlights were added on top and within. I dont know what the EXACT color is cos my stylist picked it out. Id have to say its definitely on the cooler side so yes ash would describe it.


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