Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to walk in high heels

Despite all the warnings about calf shrinkage and heels being bad for your back in the long run I still love wearing them. You will rarely see me in flats or runners. A constant question ppl seem to ask when they see me bumpin it up o

n the dance floor, when im shoppin or out and about, is… “Dont your feet hurt?” I usually reply with a no. They dont bother me unless im wearing the wrong size or if they are made very poorly. I know its not a good thing to be accustomed to, but high heels are pretty much apart of me just like my hands are apart of me. lol* k… so for those who dont wear them too often, here are some tips:

♥ start off with finding shoes that are the right size. i made the mistake of buying shoes half a size smaller because the style of the shoe would look more dainty and cute. what a waste of money bcos i wore them twice before shoving them in the back of the closet. avoiding heels that are too small will help prevent painful blisters.

♥ wedges, heels with ankle straps or t-straps are the easiest to walk in

♥ you should be standing straight when wearing heels. your knees shouldnt be bent. this doesnt look graceful at all. if this is happening your heels might be too high. start of with a lower heel until you feel more comfortable.

♥ Try to get that heel planted correctly before you shift your weight from the back foot to the front as this will prevent much of the sliding and ankle-wobble that you see. your balance should be on your toes. some ppl say that your weight should be put on the heels of your feet but for me putting the weight on the balls of my feet work much better. it gives me better balance and control. practise both ways and see what works best for you. everyone is different.

♥ each step should be placed infront of you like you’re walking on a line. models on the runway exgaggerate this by stepping past the line on the floor to the opposite side

♥ practice walking and dancing around in new heels at home to break them in before wearing them out.

♥ stretch out your legs, back and calf muscles from a long day of walking in ur heels. pamper your feet & massage your muscles to increase circulation.

♥ im guilty for neglecting my feet from time to time…but its important to take care of them. get a nice pedicure or give yourself one. nothing tops off a look better then pretty polished toenails.

♥ the most important thing about wearing heels is your confidence. This inturn effects your poise and posture and effects ur overall look.

from: Scherer Gonzales's ss09 collection


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