Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to control cravings

photo: Julian Knight

She mindlessly reaches for the box of cookies, totally unaware that she is feeding her mind more than she is feeding her tummy. It comforts her only for that moment but to her it is good enough.

♥ Be more present. Ask yourself if you are eating because your stomach is hungry or are you trying to feed something else(mental, emotional?). By doing this I realize that I tend to crave and eat more when I am stressed, frustrated, bored or anxious about something. When you know more about your habits & reasoning behind them its easier to break.
♥ Find other ways to comfort your emotional cravings. Feeling stressed? Get a massage, talk to a friend... workout and get your heart pumping. Do something you enjoy or find a way to feel inspired.
♥ Substitute chips, candy, chocolate bars with healthier choices. I find that eating things that have different textures always satisfies me. Granola or nuts added to yogurt, Cocoa-nut bananas, fruit chips, strawberries dipped in organic chocolate
♥ Eat more during the day but smaller portions. It keeps your metabolism consistent. I usually eat something small every 3-4 hrs
♥ Chew gum. I find that this helps
♥ Out of sight, out of mind. Simply stop buying junk food. When you are craving cookies as a midnight snack what are the chances of you getting dressed and driving to the store just to pick up a bag. Very unlikely
♥ Remind yourself of the reasons why you want to stop unnecessary snacking. Better health? to lose weight? to develop more control of your life?


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