Thursday, January 15, 2009

Highlight of 2008 -PART II

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok was an interesting experience now when I think back to all the things I did when I was there... boat rides, temple tours, visiting a crocodile farm, riding elephants, visiting the sleeping Buddah, tasting exotic fruits, elephant shows, shopping, eating, losing 10 pounds from sweating, getting massages, getting reflexiology for the first time, sticky taxi cab rides, live preformances, an accidental walk down Bangkok's red light district...and being hasseled by tuk tuk drivers. lol*

My initial impression of Bangkok was how busy and congested it was. Walking just a block away from our hotel caused a little bit of insecurity in me. I felt very vulnerable and un-safe even though I was among a group of friends. We got hasseled within the first few secs we set foot outside our hotel. Everyone there is waiting to make money from you so pls be careful if you ever go. Besides that I found Bangkok to be very culturally colorful. Next time I visit Thailand Im hitting the islands.

The Temples were so grand. I couldnt believe how intricate the details were.

This is the hotel we stayed at.. called the Shanghai Inn. The decor was definitely something different.
Lots of pink so i felt right at home ;P

Chatuchak is Bangkok's weekend market. I suggest that if you decide to shop at a market you shop here. This market has everything and it will take you the whole day to cover. It's unbelievable how huge it is! Dont waste your time on the other little markets bcos you'll find everything and anything here. Im speaking from our mistake bcos by the time we got here we had already gone to at least 3 other markets. Oh and another tip... wear comfortable shoes!

If you decide to take a rest, get a massage. But let me warn you, after getting massaged in Asia you wont be able to justify paying so much for a weak ass job at a spa again.

So just to give you an idea of the conversion rate 150Baht is equal to $5 Canadian... I feel sick.

Some stalls at the market. Handicrafts, jewlery, fabric(good for me!), household items, toys, furniture, clothes, bags...

Cindee's guide to Bargaining
* If you come across something you really want, make sure you dont show ur desire/excitement for it. Think poker face or else they will pick up on it before you even open your mouth to bargain with them
* Have a price in mind that you're willing to pay. If the original price for, lets say a shirt... is 200Baht cut it down a lil lower than 50% and start ur bidding there. In this case you start your offer at 70Baht. That's ridiculously low you prob'ly think but you'll be surprised at how cheap you can get a lot of things. When you start at a low number you have more leeway
* Stick to your story and the max amount you're willing to pay. Be persistant and state your price once more. If they say no just say no thank you and turn away. Very rarely will they let you go.
* There are many vendors that sell similar things so if they do let you walk away go try your luck somewhere else
* Dont pull out your money when you're still bargaining on an item. This will show the vendor that you are interested in this item so they won't go as low as they could

Here we are at the floating market. Another must see if you're in Bangkok.

Me and my sis just chillin... cracking open a coconut. mmmm* so fresh

ooh lychee. Let me tell you, Thailand has the best Jackfruit Ive ever tasted!

I love exotic foods. here I gotta settle for apples and oranges =(

This mall is called Siam Paragon and is fulled with brand name stores.
This is where i impulsively bought a pair of Jessica Simpson snake skin t-bar sandals.

There are also many trendy stores that carry a lot brands from local designers...

I really like this store. They were playing a song that caught my attention. It was very catchy and added to the trendy atmosphere of this store. By the time I left the store I had the copy of the CD in my hand. Thanks to my bargaining skills. LOL* yea right. =P It's called Tu Es Beau by Yelle


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