Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY: Tasseled bikini


Well hellooo hellooo,

I've been trying to get my body bikini-ready and I think my progress has been very good. I do wish to be a bit more toned tho. But when I think about it there's always room for improvement so even if I were more toned I prob'ly still wouldnt be satisfied. lol.

On Pinterest I stumbled upon THIS bikini that inspired me to spice up my own. In the photo I believe that the fringe is made of the same material as the bikini (usually spandex/Lycra) but I decided to use tassels to spice up my little black bikini. I went with black because I couldn't find any other colors that stood out. Since pops of bright colors are in right now it didnt attract me to go for muted and dusty colors. My choice was very limited so I went with black.

Here's what you'll need:
❥Bikini top
❥Tassles - I measured from armpit to armpit
❥Matching thread
❥Sewing machine or if you don't have one you can get a sewing needle


❥ Get creative here. You don't have you use black on black like I did. Try mixing patterns and colors to get a unique effect. A geometric pattern underneath black? Or sailor stipes underneath red tassels?
❥ Tassels can create a bit of weight so keep that in mind when deciding what style to use it for. For example if you're going to apply the tassels to a bandeau make sure that it will stay up. There's nothing more annoying that enjoying yourself in the sun and having to continuously adjust your swimwear.

Let's get started:

♥ I have 3 styles of bikini tops here. A triangle I had previously made (left),  a bandeau I also made (right) and the third one is a bra top from Aritzia (bottom).

♥ For this DIY I decided to use the Aritzia one because I like the shape of the neckline but each of the other options gives their own look. So see what you like and go from there.

♥ Here's what the tassels look like. The selvage edge is what you'll be sewing onto your bikini
pin the selvage along the upper edge of yourbikini  

thread your machine and set it to a simple stitch or you can also use a zigzag stitch
sew along the edge and don't foget to backstitch

If you don't own a sewing machine you can easily do a simple hand stitch. And that's it. Its pretty simple and straightforward. Time it takes is 10 mins. Let me know how it turns out =)
Taa - daa!



  1. "i've been trying to get my body bikini-ready" says the yoga instructor... you are crazy cindee! you look amazing, toning is not needed.

    I seriously thought you bought the fringe bikini when I saw the pictures from your vacation. Never would have guessed it was a DIY. Looks amazing.


  2. wow very creative (; you have gorgeous body!

    CMPang x

  3. Love this look.. you're so cute!

  4. Where have you been?! don't hide from the 'net. :) (its now FALl weather. argh)

  5. Cindee! You always make every DIY project seems like a piece of cake. I wouldn't even have known how to sew a line of neat handstitch if anything.

    I've forgotten to visit your blog as often coz of Facebook. Argh... I would make it a point to visit it more often. I have been quite busy the past month of a change in job so I'm here now to visit some of my favourite blogs.

    Anyway, I'm hosting my very first giveaway and I would really love to invite you (one of my earlier followers) to try your hand at winning something.

    Have a lovely week!


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