Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tips from Ms Wanderlust

By nature, I love to travel. There's something incredibly magical about seeing things with fresh eyes. Its almost a lesson in itself - to live life that way everyday no matter where you are. Of course its easier said then done especially when the drudgery of everyday life sets in. That's why its nice to get away from time to time. Each place that I have visited I have gained some kind of wisdom from. Whether it be chilling on Kuta Beach in Bali with some surfer friends we met and being taught that simplicity is bliss; to strutting down the streets of SoHo and falling in love with the individual forms of expression each person displays as they pass you by.

This particular indulgence is nothing like purchasing a new shade of lipstick or that pair of designer pumps that promises to complete my shoe collection. Traveling provides glimmering insights, delightful experiences and memories that will stay close to my heart forever. Knowing that there are so many places that are unrevealed and left to be discovered excites my spirit and I cant tell you how grateful i am to have been able to travel to so many places already. So here are a few tips id like to pass on to you whether you're just starting to see the world or if you're already a seasoned globe trotter

♥ Pack as light as possible and only bring what you need. Carrying around too many things and heavy luggage is pretty much like carrying around emotional baggage around in your life. Its not necessary. Ask yourself what the purpose of your trip is for? Are you being whisked away for a romantic weekend getaway in the mountains, partying it up for a bachelorette in Vegas, visiting some relatives or going sunbathing somewhere exotic? Think ahead bcos even tho you want to carry less you also want to plan ahead and be prepared

♥ When I know the purpose of my trip, I will plan my outfits. It is a lot easier to do when you're going to be away for the wknd or a few days. For longer trips I pack a few of my staple items that I can layer on, mix and match or pair easily with new items I buy on my adventure

♥ Bring with you a scented candle. You can choose one of those luxuriously scented candles if you like and tie it into your travel theme. Something musky and romantic for a rendezvous in Paris, an exotic floral scent for a Malaysian beach trip or perhaps a sweet and juicy scent for a wknd shopping get away in NYC with the girls. Light it as often as you can...while you're taking a cat nap at the hotel or anywhere in between waking up and getting ready for a night out. Smell is a powerful sense as it is tied very strongly to memories. So when you come back to the routine of ur daily life, you can always 'get away' anytime you want simply by lighting the candle

♥ If you wear contacts always bring an extra pair or else you'll be sorry if you end up losing or ripping one

♥ Make sure you prepare your camera before you go on your trip. Upload & back up all your current pictures so you can make more room to take more. Invest in a memory card that carries a name you trust... like Panasonic. One of my friends had bought a no name memory card on sale for half the price. Good steal you might think but when you come across techinical issues & find out that half the photos you took are corrupted you will cry!

Here are a few photos from my most recent adventures.
Where did you go for YOUR last trip? What are some of your favorite places?

♥Sibu, Sarawak♥

This is the hometown of my mom and dad. We visit here every few years to see my grandpa. Its such a small town that there's not much to do but to eat. Eat, eat and EAT! Im always inticed by the smell of food everytime we walk by the cafes. They have so many different kinds of noodle dishes here that I just have to give in and eat 5 meals a day

♥Langkawi, Malaysia♥

I dont think I've been to such a beautiful place as Langkawi. Its an island in Malaysia bursting with exotic colors and mysterious legends. We brought my dad here for his birthday to enjoy some father daughter time. We island hopped on speed boats, watched Eagel feeding, explored bat caves and enjoyed perfect tropical weather

♥New York City♥

Ouch. Bring a good pair of walking shoes. lol* I love this city for so many different reasons. Its overwhelming to even think of how to describe it. Visit it for yourself and you will see, its more than one can even imagine. Ever since this visit I cant seem to stop thinking about moving my little arse down there. Its just a matter of time =)

♥Los Angeles, California♥

"I know a place, where the grass is really greener. Warm, wet and wild there must be somethin' in the water. Sippin' gin and juice. Layin' underneath the palm trees..." Beautiful California. How can you not be happy in such a place that's full of life and is summer all year long. Perfect place to be a beach bum bcos there's so many diff beaches to enjoy. Definitely a breath of fresh air

♥Bali, Indonesia♥

♥Bangkok, Thailand♥

♥Las Vegas♥

This was my first trip to Vegas and I did not know what to expect. Sure, every tells me it's a party city and all that jazz but you dont KNOW what they mean until you are down there. I felt there was something in the air that brought out a diff side in me or perhaps it was bcos of all the glitz and glamour I was surrounded by. So many jammin pool parties, beautiful bodies and dancing till the sun comes up


  1. Great Tips! I wish I would have planned mine and learn lol ;) Love your blog, so i followed!

  2. I'm really bad at packing - always end up bringing more than I need :( but i really love the idea of bring scented candles! I can't agree more that scents are tied to memories! Thanks for the tip! I'll definitelly get some great ones on my next trip :)

  3. Hi Cindee,

    I wish to have that wanderlust in me too, or rather I wished I've got the time and capital to do so. I love to explore a country and immerse in their culture, language, food and rich heritage.

    I agree with you wholehearted on scents. I was just talking to my friend about it the other time about how this mall has a scent that identifies itself... How I love to step into a certain hotel in my country because of its wonderful scent but they changed the scent a few months back and it just isn't the same anymore... How this certain shower foam always reminds me of my New Zealand trip with my then bf as we used that shower foam then. Using it in Singapore transports me back to the wonderful days we spent in NZ and many more.

    I've never thought of packing scented candles or aroma oil into my luggage but I'll certainly bear that in mind the next time.

  4. great advice. :) i love the candle trick but i'm not sure if i'd be in a place where i'd have time to wind down. i'm usually always on the go during a vacation but there is always that one relaxing trip of the year. :)

    loving the photographs!

  5. wow.. all these photos are making me jealous!! i want to travel all over the world one day!! aaaaahhh!! now, i gotta work first.. hahaha!

    Animated Confessions

  6. how cute is this photo diary!
    it's fantstic!
    i follow you,follow me back <3

  7. love your blog.
    visit my blog and let me know what you think, follow if you like :)

  8. Amazing pictures. This post made me want to die of jealousy, but also motivated me, to actually go through with my plans and go to Paris soon!
    Thanks for showing this, and the tips. :D

    Cnsider me a follower! :D

  9. Malaysia reminds me so much of the Philippines! :) I'm glad that you enjoyed L.A.! :) Vegas was amazing! I've been wanting to go to NY! You gotta share some stories and spots to visit! <3

  10. you look so pretty! love the pictures^^
    drey jewelry.


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