Tuesday, December 22, 2009

LOST: My Pet Unicorn

I stumbled into Aritzia today as I was attempting to do some xmas shopping. I had to do a double take when I saw this shirt. If you guys dont know by now i have this thing for unicorns. Unicorns represent purity to me. They represent something rare. I believe in them. Some ppl find it strange but in a way believing in unicorns gives me a sense of hope that purity exists in this world. Everything in life is precious. Look closer.

My Shirt Says
LOST. Have you seen my pet Unicorn?
REWARD Offered for safe return.
Last seen in a dream....

Here are some different outfits I made using my new favorite shirt as the main piece


  1. Hi Cindee! Good to see you're still posting, and I'd have to agree, sometimes life does interrupt our blogging, hehe.
    Glad to hear that you've finished your xmas shopping. I have too, thank goodness and yes, my bf and I are exchanging xmas gifts this year. I can't wait to see what he's bought me. :)
    So what are you're plans for xmas eve? We've got a xmas party at my sister & her fiancee's place tonight, all our friends will be there too, so it should be a good night. Then first thing tomorrow morning, we're off to the Gold Coast for 5 days, which is all beach and sunshine, can't wait! ;) Will you be going away anywhere during the xmas & ny holidays?
    Wishing you a merry christmas Cindee and have a safe and happy holiday! xOx

  2. oh, i forgot to mention cute post! i'd have to agree that unicorns are a beautiful and mystical creature. the comic is kind of funny & disturbing at the same time, lol, and definitely not you cos you're too sweet! hehe

  3. I hope you are having a very special Christmas cindee! I saw that top too when I was in aritzia as well! It totally made me think of you! I miss you terribly and I hope your doing well and wishes you the best christmas ever and all the love.

    Love you muchh Cin!


  4. mm What do people do with the photos they steal from you?

  5. I liked the fantasy feel behind the Lost: Unicorn T-shirt.

    The finer prints look a little small, would not be easily read for passerbys. But still, a great shirt! ^_^

  6. LOL! unicorns represent purity by spearing kids through their heads. =) i like it! i like your unicorn stuffed animal too. haha! merry christmas cin.

  7. hahah love the cartoon. Wow that's so weirdo that people copy your pics, how did you find them out?

    Love how you styled the shirt!

  8. lol? Unicorn prolly dun love fat kiddies.

  9. You look so hot!!! I loves.
    HAHA and SURPRISE. unicorn cartoons at the end.



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