Monday, August 10, 2009

Falling in love with life

“There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.” - Marguerite Gardiner Blessington

Lately I've been viewing my life with fresh eyes and it feels like a new world has been born. I have come to a deeper understanding of myself and a deeper way of living life. This process has been like uncovering hidden treasures inside me. Every situation I come across seems so beautiful. Even the other day when everything seemed to go wrong I stopped to try and see the beauty in it. What I saw was 5 of my close friends standing in front of me. At the right place at the right time! They offered their concern, support and encouragement. I felt defeated, I was delirious, overwhelmed & super stressed out but realizing how blessed I was to have these ppl in my life just brought a sense of lightness and warmth in my heart. I know that life was trying to tell me something important in that instance. Its not about what happens to you but what kind of thoughts you hold. Things can always be transmuted and transformed to something beautiful just by learning to control your thoughts.

Creating, expressing, inspiring and exploring are apart of me just like breathing. For a while I felt out of touch with this part of me but I have discovered it again.. it had always been there, thanks to a special someone who helped encourage me....who had seen and appreciated that part of me I thought was missing. I also give my gratitude to all the recent synchronicities & events that have happened to help me come to this point and time. This is what it feels like to live from the inside out...not from the outside in. I am falling in love with life....and in the process attracting the right ppl and things into it to help me on this journey. In return I want to be able to give back.


  1. Awww Cindee, thanks for sharing this with us. I'm sooo happy to hear that things are looking up for you. When you say the way we hold our thoughts, I really love that part. It has so much meaning and because of you I'm starting to understand alot more to life than ever and in fact starting to shed all this built up bitterness through you. I think you have the kindest heart I know.

    hmm, how insane I was just telling you about how sunny it was here now it's rainy and wet out! I secretly love the rain though. It has the most calmest and relaxing sound.

    Have a great week Cindee. - Sylvia

  2. it's great when you can see the positive things and the beauty in life, rather then letting the bad & negative things pull you down.
    i think it's quite a hard thing to achieve, because a lot of the time you can get so consumed by all the negativity that you lose sight of what's good or the good that comes out of a negative situation.
    i always try my best to see the good in everything, including the bad and appreciate what i do have in my life.
    i'm glad that things are beginning to look up for you cindee, everyone deserves to be happy. xOx

  3. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Ur best post yet!
    Congrats on ur recent appreciation of life.

  4. This was so inspiring and beautiful!

  5. hello.. this would be my first time commenting on your blog perhaps the second time viewing your blog. I discovered your blog through camerafilmroll's. It is really inspiring to have read from your blog about your outlook in life. Lately I have been feeling down and coming across this somehow inspired me :)

  6. Sylv,
    Im in van now so let me know if you are still planning on visiting =) We can have more talks in person...I think that would be nice to be able to meet in person. Thx for your kind words but I definitely cant take any credit for the things you are realizing. Everything we need to learn about life and ourselves is already inside of us. Sometimes it takes certain situations or a lil nudge from another person to help us recognize what we need to acknowledge in ourselves. But in the end its always been there. =)

    Hope its raining a lil less and sunshining a lil more over there esp since the end of summer is nearing. But i do agree with you..rain can be quite soothing and refreshing for the soul.

  7. Hi Ligia,

    Positivity certainly goes a long way when you are trying to achieve a perennial kind of happiness in life. It changes things so profoundly. Has there been any negativity that you have overcome lately? =) And thank you for your wishes..its great to be on the brighter side of the rainbow. Everything is so much more colorful.

  8. thank u to my anonymous commenter. I just wanna say all these comments are great. It inspires and encourages me. I also love reading other ppl's opinions and perspectives on life. that's how we grow. we're all in it together... connected, not separate.

  9. Hi paty, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. im quite delighted to hear that you are a new reader. everyone gets down on life here and there but usually when we do its because life is trying to tell us something. All me we need to try and do is listen closely and see what kind of lesson it is teaching us. I hope things are up and now down anymore for you. Dont be a stranger. =)

  10. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog !! You're so sweet !

    I love the photo !
    Its always good to know yourself better as a person :) Alot of people always forget this simple yet important factor <3

  11. Hmm...I can't say I know "exactly" what you're going through...but I have an inkling. ^_~


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