Monday, July 27, 2009

Beautiful Bali

Bali, Indonesia

This must be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Mountains, lush greens, beautiful beaches. The sculptures you see around and the architecture is so detailed and elaborate. They have a very vibrant culture and art is very developed. Bali is definitely one of the largest tourist destinations. When we went there we met so many ppl from all over the world... australia, japan, the states... Unfortunately the bombings that had happened here have affected the tourism. It's quite sad because everyone there makes a living from providing services to tourists.

Breathtaking view at the Monkey Temple... you can just hear the waves crashing now, cant you?
This trip was unforgettable.

Wow, I wish I had all this money in Canadian funds... i would be a billionaire. =P
Their currency is called Rupiah and boy, was it confusing to do conversion. $1 canadian was equal to $9272 Rupiah.

Just having some lunch(i think we were eating mee gorang) by the beach while the others did some water activities.
Second pic was taken outside my room. Can you see all the details?

We took a 20 min boat ride to turtle island to see some turtles. If I knew the living conditions for these animals were so poor I dont think I would have visited this place. One of the larger turtles had a cut on his leg and no one seemed to be very concerned by it. That's the problem with wanting to experience being around animals on trips like this... u never know what their living conditions are like.

We stopped by Balisea Cafe for dinner. I dont think any could have beat this dinner experience. The food was delicious as well. Lobster, shrimp, fish...all fresh! It was a table of 10 and the bill only came up to $100. During dinner they also had a live acoustic band that came by each table to play any song you requested. This would be the perfect place to go to experience with that special someone. I think Bali would be my honeymoon destination. =P

Beach time!!

omg we layed in the sun a lil too long. it was sooo hot! This is Kuta beach. Its one of the most famous ones in Bali and is usually the first one ppl check out. It's more touristy than relaxing and full of energy.

Be prepared to be hassled by a whole bunch of vendors... from ppl selling kites, to fruits(as u see here..mmm mango), clothes and "mama's" that offer massages, manicures and pedicures.

Then you got the surfers too. Here we were taking a pic with our surfing instructors. yes, i went but im not willing to share my experience or pictures... its rather embarrassing lol =P

Here are the "mama's" surrounding my gf, Rosa. They pretty much attacked her.. haha... one doing her left foot, one doing her right, one doing her left hand and one doing the right... then u got one trying to give her a massage and another one doing her hair. it was quite funny to watch.

Bali has monkeys everywhere... be careful not to get to close to them bcos they're not shy at all.

This is where we stayed. When I go back to Bali I would love to stay here again.

Jalan Legian is the heart of nightlife and entertainment in Kuta. You can walk down this street and find plenty of clubs and lounges to check out. Make sure you bring your passport bcos its free cover for tourists. Just dont get too drunk that you end up losing it =P


  1. hey cindee, i just happened to stumble upon your blog and i gotta say i love reading your entries!
    those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! youre so lucky you got to visit bali. looks like you had an awesome time!
    i look forward to reading your future entries =)

  2. Hi Tracy!
    Im delighted to hear from you. Thanks for the comments and your interest =) Yes, Bali is the most unforgettable place I have ever visited so far. If you ever get a chance you should definitely go. =)

  3. hi cindee!
    oh wow, you went to bali for a holiday, lucky you! ;)
    bali is so close to australia, but i still haven't managed to go there for a holiday yet, bad isn't it? hehe i'm hoping to go one day soon though.
    the pics look great and looks like you had a fabulous time!

  4. (pre digital age type of comment) Precious memories on Film! thx for sharing, love the pic of the monkey and the "mama's" all over Rosa :p I wish to visit Bali one day too!

  5. oh reminiscing the bali! great entry and brings back so many good memories we had there! =) i miss it so much!

  6. hi Ligia! you havent been to bali? you have to go!! =D its beautiful there and so much to enjoy. I would definitely go back there the next chance i get. Im not sure if I asked you this before but where in Aussie do you live?

  7. aww trace that was one of my favorite trips. it was soo amazing to be able to experience it with you girls!! <3

  8. hey cindee :)
    yes, i'm ashamed to admit that i haven't been to bali yet. >.< but it's definitely one of my many holiday destinations, lol.
    i live in melbourne, victoria, the fashion capital of oz! hehe so you can imagine how hard it is to resist shopping all the time, when you're surrounded by it everywhere you go, especially in the city. ;P
    you definitely have to take a trip to oz one day too, i'm pretty sure you'd love it! xOx

  9. hi... i love your bali post.. i visited Bali last May, I'm an Indonesian but come from different island. the lunch you were eating was mi goreng (sometimes they spell it mie or mee also in other places, but Indonesian mostly use mi). mi is noodle, and goreng is fried. so it is fried noodle.. =)
    next time you must visit tanah lot and nusa dua for water sport in Bali. And they just have a lot more things to do. so make sure to come back again..


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