Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cindee's sample of work

Hi guys. Sorry havent been posting. I've been working on putting some of my work together. The illustrations took 4 long days to complete. And I'm not talking a few hrs a day. I'm talking from 10am - midnight. The reason why is because 1) Im a perfectionist and 2) the process had many steps. First I drew up the sketches on paper, then scanned it onto the computer and from there, traced it with Adobe Illustrator and did the coloring and rendering on Photoshop. Even tho it took awhile to put together I enjoyed every bit of it & Im so happy of the outcome. Well, here are a few pages... enjoy!

Inspiration: Exhaustingly beautiful ballerinas with their structured poise and smooth and fluid movements.
Colors: Milky colors just like faded dreams
Season: Spring/Summer


  1. Wow, thats really intricate work and so much detail! I love the purple dress, I can't wait to see it come to life. Will you be making them?

  2. hi cindee!

    i wondered what had happened to your blog, but glad that you're back now! hehe

    i love your designs above, definitely something that i would wear!


  3. Thanks Jenny. I prob'ly will eventually but right now ive got a pretty long TO DO List.

    Hi Ligia! Glad to hear from you =) I promise I wont be jumping around anymore. lol* Thanks for your compliment. I worked on it or days! =P How have you been?

  4. Girl those look amazing! You should invest in a Wacom tablet for your fashion drawings.

  5. Wow Cindee, this is gorgeous!
    Your work just keeps on getting better and better. I am uber impressed!!

    Can I please be your first client for the pink dress? I am so in love with it!! Same with the grey blouson skirt too!!

    I hope this isn't all for your spring/summer line... I can't wait to see more!!

  6. suuuper cute! i hope that pink dress gets made!!

  7. thanks for the encouraging words, Mary. This has been such a long journey. I've been feeling very focused on my work lately and I hope it will pay off soon. =) You will be the first to know if I decide to create any of the above pieces. =)

  8. hey dear :D

    thank you for your comment!

    and verlly lovely blog!
    love the drawings! damn :D

    love, alice

  9. I really love your designs up there! Fantastic! :D


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