Monday, February 23, 2009

Links of the Week - Lessons

The theme of this week's Links of the Day are let's begin.

Not a very good time for our economy. So many ppl have been losing jobs. If any of you have experience this here's an article from Style Amor you should take a read: 5 tips on How to Move on With our Career

Size Guide to help you when you are shopping online

I workout a lot since this year started. In the beginning on Feb I worked out 3 hrs a day, 5 times a week. Felt gooood. Still going at it but I think I overdid it because so I just go ever other day now and do some yoga in between. I found this article entertaining. 10 Fashion Tips for the Gym

YouTube tutorial: Mac Simple Smokey eye from fanfinettex3

I cant stop Shopping. Help Me! I think this article from galadarling would help a lot especially during times like this.

Productivity tips and to go along with this I have found a very useful website on Self Motivation.

Come on, get inspired: How to Design Your Ideal Life and Creating your Own Happiness

10 Reasons You should Never Get a Job from Steve Pavlina and a related article: How I quit my Day Job from ThinkSimpleNow

DIY Eco-friendly notebooks. Good to carry around with you to jot down notes, sketches...anything that inspires you

DIY Shredded Tee

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