Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Resolutions

She struggled to untangle herself from the careless decisions of 2008. How did she let so much time go by without realizing how unfaithful she had been to her dreams. Her dreams only existed inside her head like a beautiful prisoner caged up never to see the light of day...never to be kissed, never to be caressed, never to be passionately loved. Yet they still enduring her neglect. What she failed to realize was that the lock to the cage was placed on the inside while the key dangled unnoticed around the neck of her dreams, unaware that she's the one that has the ability to set herself free. 2009 here i come!

My Goals for 2009
1. Do more traveling to see the fashion industry in diff parts of the world
2. Re-build my portfolio
3. Healing and re-discovering my creative self
4. Ive always been a tree hugger and an animal lover but lost touch with it. I want to re-kindle this long lost passion. I want to educate myself and become more aware of the issues surrounding the environment and animal rights so i can actively take part in making some kind of a difference
5. Connecting and making new friends from around the world
6. Cultivating and nurturing the friendships i already have
7. Be more selective in the things I buy
8. Making sure that each decision I make will bring me a step closer to my dreams, not farther away
9. Expand my vocabulary
10. Be more decisive and consistent
11. Maintain an active schedule by doing cardio exercises, weight training and yoga

What are your resolutions? What are your goals? I have found that the best way to achieve a goal is to break them down into bite size pieces. They are easier to swallow and definitely taste better that way. Here are some links that could be helpful:
*Need somewhere to start, here's How to set amazing goals

*But sometimes we do have amazing goals its our self discipline that we need to work on.
*Think Simple Now is another great blog full of very helpful articles like: How to achieve anything, How to Make a Profound and Lasting Change, The Panacea for Putting Things off

So the outfit I made for New Years Eve. It was a gray tube dress with silver stitching and a black feathered bolero. Fancy that!

Here's me getting ready with the sexy rollers in the hair. lol sorry couldnt crop that off. i was trying to show off how i did my makeup. 3 black gems, 3 gray ones and one black feather that i glued onto the end of my fake eyelashes. why spend $20+ (like the ones from Royal Korindah or from Shu Uemura)when you can make them for only a few dollars. But I do admit I lusting over the Shu Uemura ones. They use quite interesting materials.. beads, lace, feathers.... hmm... gives me an idea. =P

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