Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Website

Presenting my new website - a lifestyle blog. In this corner of the Universe, you’ll find health tips sprinkled with a mesmerizing mix of vitality and glamour, outfit posts unfolding into yoga poses, spirituality that’s tousled & tangled, fashion, imagination and PASSION.

My philosophy is to do everything with style. Its another way of saying that I believe everything I do in life should be injected with personality and passion. Style is an expressive interpretation of inner life brought out into physical form. It doesn’t matter if you are into writing, singing, painting, dancing, cooking…etc Style applies to it all! Its about finding your own voice. The Stylish Yogi is mine.

I haven't been - and won't be posting on this blog anymore so please re-direct yourselves to:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

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My new website is under way but in the meantime check out my facebook page and support me with a 'like.' Here you will receive daily inspirations, tips and a bunch of lovely things.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY: Tasseled bikini


Well hellooo hellooo,

I've been trying to get my body bikini-ready and I think my progress has been very good. I do wish to be a bit more toned tho. But when I think about it there's always room for improvement so even if I were more toned I prob'ly still wouldnt be satisfied. lol.

On Pinterest I stumbled upon THIS bikini that inspired me to spice up my own. In the photo I believe that the fringe is made of the same material as the bikini (usually spandex/Lycra) but I decided to use tassels to spice up my little black bikini. I went with black because I couldn't find any other colors that stood out. Since pops of bright colors are in right now it didnt attract me to go for muted and dusty colors. My choice was very limited so I went with black.

Here's what you'll need:
❥Bikini top
❥Tassles - I measured from armpit to armpit
❥Matching thread
❥Sewing machine or if you don't have one you can get a sewing needle


❥ Get creative here. You don't have you use black on black like I did. Try mixing patterns and colors to get a unique effect. A geometric pattern underneath black? Or sailor stipes underneath red tassels?
❥ Tassels can create a bit of weight so keep that in mind when deciding what style to use it for. For example if you're going to apply the tassels to a bandeau make sure that it will stay up. There's nothing more annoying that enjoying yourself in the sun and having to continuously adjust your swimwear.

Let's get started:

♥ I have 3 styles of bikini tops here. A triangle I had previously made (left),  a bandeau I also made (right) and the third one is a bra top from Aritzia (bottom).

♥ For this DIY I decided to use the Aritzia one because I like the shape of the neckline but each of the other options gives their own look. So see what you like and go from there.

♥ Here's what the tassels look like. The selvage edge is what you'll be sewing onto your bikini
pin the selvage along the upper edge of yourbikini  

thread your machine and set it to a simple stitch or you can also use a zigzag stitch
sew along the edge and don't foget to backstitch

If you don't own a sewing machine you can easily do a simple hand stitch. And that's it. Its pretty simple and straightforward. Time it takes is 10 mins. Let me know how it turns out =)
Taa - daa!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Cindee's Useful Packing Tips for the Jetsetter in you

Hi Darlings,

Enjoying your summer so far? Summer at my end of the rainbow has been cloudy and wet. It still feels like spring here but luckily I'll be on the plane flying to a tropical island soon. I'm heading to Hawaii this wknd for the very first time and I can't wait. Im starting to feel the flutter of butterfly wings in my stomach. It's been 2 years since I've felt sand between my toes & the extremely satisfying feeling of sippin on a refreshing Mojito. (Mojito by day, Sangria by night) My last 2 trips were to Vegas - not quite tropical but nonetheless still one of my fave spots. I love the energy of Vegas and I can't wait to find out what the energy in Hawaii is like.
Me and my sweetheart will be staying in Waikiki. I've heard so many good things about Honolulu and can't wait to explore the Island.
I wouldn't say I'm well traveled bcos there are soo many places I havent been yet and would love love LOVE to see but at the same time I've had my share of flying - of airports ( i have yet to check out the yoga room at the San Fran airport), of "cookies or trailmix?", of pretending to listen to the safety talk they give on the plane, of the excitement that's created when I hear the wheels of the plane touch down ....of packing and unpacking.

In the beginning I wasn't too great at packing. I would pull a whole bunch of items out from my closet and try to fit everything in by folding them neatly into my luggage. But to my dismay, it wouldn't stay that way. I found myself constantly rummaging thru my suitcase during the trip - trying to find things and sometimes cleaning up stuff bcos my shampoo decided to pop open like a champagne bottle on New Year Eve. Not fun! Traveling and vacationing aren't meant for un-necessary and PREVENTABLE stresses like that.

I still get pulled aside by Customs (unnecessarily). I experience delays. That stuff I can't control. But for the things that I can control, why not take the drivers seat? Here are a few strategies that have worked for me. I hope you will try them out the next time you're packing your bags to go on holiday! And if you have any tips of your own to share - ohh please do =)
Cheers to that. Let's clink our shampoo bottles to toast the world and all it has to offer. Happy travels everyone.
* Deliberately plan your outfits. I know its sometimes easier not to put much thought into it but if you do, it saves a HUGE amount of time. I've had times where I've had too many things in my suitcase. You think - more items equals more options right? Yes, but that's not necessarily ideal.  You'll spend more time trying stuff on & it becomes harder to make up your mind. Wouldn't you rather spend your vaca time out in the sun being a beach bum or renting a beach cruiser to explore the city instead of being in your hotel room going through all your tops to see what will go with your skirt...or wait - should you wear shorts instead?

Make the process fun. I mean - that's one of the fun things about being a girl right? - dressing up, playing around with different looks.  I add to a growing file of photos from the internet that I look back on for outfit ideas. You can find lots of looks on Pinterest and start your own collection. Or there are plenty of websites out there like LOOKBOOK or chictopia for inspiration.

Using these lil treasures for inspiration, spend a day looking thru your closet and putting pieces together. What helps me organize my wardrobe is an app called StylishGirl. I havent added every single item in my closet to the app. Its a process lol but this app has been very efficent in keeping track of items. Its hard for me to explain all the capabilities of this app so you can check out the link or download it and see for yourself.

*Purchase travel sized items. I used to travel with full bottles of champagne. Oops I meant, shampoo lol and hairspray and such. Not a good idea. I dont know why I did it for so long. It adds extra pounds to my suitcase and now with the airline's weight limitations, you don't want to be paying extra charges. It's also a good idea to look into investing in travel size hair straighteners or if you use something like the Clarisonic they have the Mia. You can find a lot of travel sized products at Sephora.

* Find a place for everything. I'm sure you've heard this advice before to help declutter your life. Can't find your keys? Can't find your wallet...oh where is that darn iPhone of mine. If you keep these things in the same place all the time then the chances of you misplacing them don't happen.

This also applies to packing. Once you figure out how and where to keep certain items then keep it that way. Every time you pack for a trip always use the same sections in your travel bag for the same thing you did last time. If you use the inside compartment of your suitcase to put your bikinis then keep it that way. It'll help you remember where you put things and you won't find yourself one night, stumbling blindly looking for your glasses.

* Make use of a travel bag. I got this one from Sephora. Instead of sticking all my products in a plastic bag and having to go thru them, I can sort and organize my things with this. Its good for small item stuff as well like hair pins, hair ties, contact case, band aids, advil...

* Frommers My sister got me these for xmas. I think its soo handy and the most clever thing ever. When you unfold them they become containers to seperate your clothing. It comes in 3 sizes. One bag I keep my intimates, stockings, socks.  Another I use for my accessories and I keep the other for dirty clothes. If you don't want to spend money on these you can also use Ziploc® bags in different sizes. Just as good.

* Carry on. Its a challenge to pack shoes. Who else has this problem? Its not just deciding on which shoes to bring but also the akward shape of them really take up a lot of room. That's why I pack all my shoes in my carry-on. It gets a bit heavy to lift above your head when you're trying to store it in the overhead compartment of the plane so hopefully there's another passenger around that can help you with it. Then when they ask you why its so heavy you can cheekily reply... "oh - you know, a girls got more than one pair of favorite shoes" ;P

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?” - Alice in Wonderland

I fell down the rabbit hole...and ended up where? In Instagram Land. heh heh Addicted to instant gratification - I've been preferring this lately due to how easy it is to post things daily and have ppl comment right away.

So is it a lack of patience that's taken my attention away from my blog? Lack of commitment? Lack of discipline? The complete opposite, actually. Its due to an abundance of new ideas and thoughts I want to express that it overwhelms me. I have many ideas that don't really fit inside this box that I created. This blog, to a certain degree is a representation of me. And being me, I don't stand in one place too long. I like growth. I go through transformations and who I was back then isn't necessarily who I am now. I think I've come to know myself better each time I shed my skin.

How foolish would it be for a snake or a caterpillar to carry around its old skin.  I'm not certain which direction I want to take this blog right now but I will continue on until I figure it out. Maybe the solution will present itself once I get the ball rollin. Maybe its just the perfectionist and OCD in me that refuses to produce anything unless things are perfectly in order. But what's wrong with chaos? Maybe I need to give my chaotic side permission to come out and play.

For now just find me on Instagram. Pictures tell a thousand words : cindee-rella

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flower child

Base: OPI nail envy, Essie chinchilly
Flower: china glaze flip flop fantasy, joe white
Leaf: Revlon Jaded

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out of order

Sent by iPhone

I don't know if the Universe is playing a joke on me but I'm not impressed. I have a tennis elbow injury that appeared out of no where. They say it could have been something that progressed in time bcos I
work a lot w my hands and a sharp action could have put it over the edge. Im just glad it's not carpal tunnel!

Regardless, I'm still in pain and it's quite frustrating that I cannot workout, do any yoga or be on my keyboard for long. That's why I'm posting this thru my iPhone - and even still, it's bothering me quite a bit.

Time to build my patience and tolerance. Hardest thing ever!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Inside my gym bag

♡ I've got my Lulu bra top & hot pink pants
♡ leopard printed pouch that i made to carry my toothbrush & paste
♡ lil notebook to plan my workouts / old school iTouch / chapstick / MAC lipsheen & cream blush for after / eau de parfum
♡ my 'vitamins': HEAT, +Omega Glow, +Perfect Skin / brush to make my hair fluffy
♡ i♥Running H20 bottle
♡ Michael Kors wallet / Hello Kitty container meant for candy but turned into my fake eyelashes holder / lock / GymBoss interval timer

Kicking off my work shoes in exchange for something more 'comfortable.'

I've found it a bit difficult to go to the gym lately. Lots of things contribute to this but its definitely no excuse for my inconsistency. Regardless I know it will pass. I think its important not to be hard on yourself when you feel un-motivated. It happens. Kicking yourself in the ass & forcing yourself to go to the gym isnt the solution. It might help temporarily but eventually your motivation will sizzle and back to square one you'll go. You'll be depleting your energy if you attacking the issue this way. Wouldnt you rather use it to actually exercise? The solution comes from changing your state of mind & trying to understand your resistance. Here's what I've been doing to get myself back on the horse.

Doing 5 sets each of Surya A & B right when I wake up. It only takes 10 mins. Makes me feel awake and it gives my energy momentum for the day.

Take things one day at a time, one decision at a time. A muffin or yogurt for breakfast? Park closer or farther from the office?

Look at photos that inspire me. I've culled a few photos from the internet to look thru when Im feeling bleh. I also click thru Pinterest & Tumblr. It won't maintain the fire but it will definitely fuel it.

I tell myself when I feel better I do better. I'm doing myself and everyone else around me a favor by getting some exercise. I feel so much happier and light hearted compared to when Im feeling lethargic & moody.

When you're deciding if you should get some exercise or not, be in the moment. When you're not present, you are living in your head. "Oh - but im tired today. I will go tmrw. I dont see what the point of exercising. I will never get lose those pounds....etc"

I pace myself gradually. Just bcos I was able to do a 90 min spin class before doesnt mean I have to. I dont want to overwhelm myself. So I start off slow and build on it as the days go by. This builds my confidence too.

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